NBA Analyst Labels Pelicans’ Rookie Zion Williamson Too Heavy and Out of Shape

August 4, 2020 11:52 pm

New Orleans Pelicans’ star forward, Zion Williamson stepped into the league a year back and ever since created a mark. However, one drawback that remains a major concern are his knee injuries that have been evidently caused due to his heavy weight. And now that the season has kick-started, Pelicans need their big man for more than his restricted time.

Williamson averaged 22.3 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game this season, and it’s been pure pleasure to watch him play. Despite carrying 300 pounds of weight, Zion holds the ability to jump and take shots unlike former players of similar size, notably Shaquille O’Neal.

Zion Williamson wasn’t done for the night, despite injury

Since the season restart, Zion Williamson has had restricted time on the court due to injuries. It was only in the recent matchup with Memphis Grizzlies that he was given 25 minutes on the court, which he very well utilized by bagging 23 points. And yes, that helped Pelicans clinch their first victory in Orlando with a score of 109-99.

NBA analyst Skip Bayless talked at length about Zion’s sole issue on UNDISPUTED.

“He’s (Zion) way too heavy, he’s way out of shape and there may be something still wrong with that troubled knee of his,” Skip mentioned.

“He looked a bit limpy and when he made that bad idea attempt to try to power up to three and try to get a shot… It was just a bad idea all the way up. It looked like after he hit the floor that he limped to the bench in that timeout…And I’m thinking that is he done for the night? And he wasn’t done for the night.

“Despite that, this man managed to score 23 points in 25 minutes. Can you imagine what he could do if he ever got himself right? So now it appears to me that the only way for him to get in shape is that Alvin’s gonna have to hope he can play his way into shape.”

Can Zion play through his fitness issues?

Bayless believes he can reduce on that extra weight by playing his way through it. Nevertheless, Zion has been the ultimate king for the Pelicans. He has lifted the team like nobody else, and that shows his significance as a player.

“I just sit back in awe of some of the moves he makes, and he still has pretty good quickness and lift at 300 (pounds)! If you could take 25 off, destruction would happen,” Bayless added.

Moreover, the problem lies with Pelicans’ team on the whole not being able to control their food temptations. That could act as a huge issue for Zion as a player in the coming years of the league.

Zion was brought in at the end of the Grizzlies match to lead the Pelicans to victory. We’ll have to see wait and see what the future holds for him.


Source: Twitter – Undisputed



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