“Daddy Changed the World”: This Sweet Video of Stephen Jackson and George Floyd’s Daughter is Taking Over the Internet

June 3, 2020 5:14 pm

Amidst the rising protests against racial injustice, former NBA player, Stephen Jackson and George Floyd’s daughter’s video went viral. George Floyd, the man who died a few days ago, was a friend of Stephen from Texas. Since the incident took place, Stephen has been vocal about his stance and extended full support for his ‘twin’.

A video of him with George’s daughter, Gianna Floyd, is storming the internet. Also, Stephen, as a good friend, has taken up the responsibility to look after the Floyd family. Additionally, he has been the face of many protests. Recently, he spoke in the Minneapolis protest with immense rage.

In a press conference that took place with Gigi and her mother, Stephen Jackson spilled words of commitment to the Floyds. He is looking forward to going the extra mile for George’s daughter especially. “I’m gonna be there for her.I’m gonna walk her down the aisle,” Stephen told in the press conference.

After the press conference, the former NBA veteran was seen carrying Gianna on his shoulders. And when asked, “What did he do?” Gigi responded, “Daddy changed the world!”

Stephen Jackson is standing up for his friend and the Floyd family

Jackson posted this video on Instagram, and since then, the world has gone insane reposting it. The caption of the video read, “That’s right GiGi ‘Daddy changed the world’ George Floyd the name of change...Love to all who have love for all.”

Also, he posted a picture with Gigi for promoting the fundraiser for her on every social media platform. “Don’t worry Twin (George). On my soul, I got Gigi. Know that. I am my brother’s keeper and I got a lot of brothers.” This was the message attached to their picture.

Moreover, people are extending support in millions. Hashtags like #justiceforgeorgefloyd and #blacklivesmatter are being used in abundance all over the world. Also, the United States is facing some enraging protests these days and it’s rising day by day.

Other than Stephen Jackson, other NBA stars like LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Carmelo Anthony have also expressed their point of view on the current scenario in the country. Moreover, the world is getting involved, and Stephen Jackson is leading the way.

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