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THROWBACK: When Kevin Durant Was Posterized Three Times in a Single Game Against Los Angeles Lakers

THROWBACK: When Kevin Durant Was Posterized Three Times in a Single Game Against Los Angeles Lakers

Former Golden State Warriors star, Kevin Durant is seen dominating the league in the past few years. But one instance when it went the other way round was in 2017 against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Durant was new to Warriors after playing for so many years as a Thunder forward. His talent despite the likes of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson shined on the court.

Three years back, during the prime time of his career, Kevin had an embarrassing face-off with the young Los Angeles Lakers. He got posterized by three players from the opponent team in the first quarter itself.

Kevin Durant was  embarrassed by a young man from Lakers

First was Julius Randle who had only Kevin Durant in his way and he went above his head right at the center. Next came in Jordan Clarkson. And this time Kobe Bryant, who was watching that match with his family, nodded from the stands to appreciate that move.

And the last but best one of the night was by Larry Nance Jr. He demolished the NBA star by smashing probably the best dunk of the year right through Kevin Durant. The crowd and the Lakers teammates went bonkers after that nasty shot by Larry. The atmosphere out there was insane at the moment and it was quite an impressive one from the young man.

Durant got his share of revenge by recording the highest 36 points in the game and won the match in overtime by 116-114. Irrespective of the result, the brutal offense on Durant remained the highlight of the match. Post the match as well, people didn’t stop talking about the way Larry impressed Kobe sitting there.

The same year, Warriors went on to become the season champions and continued their winning streak the next year as well. Each time Kevin earned the Finals MVP being there most tremendous player amidst such a star-studded lineup.

Moving to the Brooklyn Nets with Kyrie Irving on his side, will he turn the franchise into a championship team?

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