“He’s be GREAT”: LeBron James Praises Arch Rival Stephen Curry

June 20, 2020 3:30 pm

Warriors star, Stephen Curry has revolutionized the game in this era of basketball with his exuberant skill of playing. While many consider him as one of the greatest NBA players, a question remains unanswered or disputed. Could he exhibit his dominance in the 90s among the likes of Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller?

Curry is known for changing the face of the game with his flawless three-point shooting in recent times. His footwork, movement, ball-handling, and athletic agility makes him a complete player at the current peak of his career.

When we look into the 90s, many like to believe that Steph’s tendency to shoot from 30 feet away doesn’t fit the style of coaching back then. It wasn’t a usual phenomenon to watch players take 3-point shots casually. Not that Reggie Miller and Larry Bird couldn’t make it, but it wasn’t how they were trained.

LeBron James believes that Stephen Curry can play in any era

Well, if at that point Curry would have played this way, he would have embarrassed his opponents with that style of shooting. Considered one of the best shooters in the NBA, he has some skills to his advantage.

The other opinion stands that Curry’s physique is something that could have taken a toll on him in that era of basketball. He is a 6 ft 3inch man, considered comparatively on a shorter side, and his physical stature has been deceptive.

Keeping aside all these perspectives, Lakers legend, LeBron James has declared him as an evergreen player of all eras. Recently in an Instagram post of Curry’s photograph by Mars Reel, the caption read, How good would Steph be if he had played in the 90’s?”

LeBron commented on the post saying, “Wouldn’t be Good, He’s be GREAT!!! Any ERA”. Another NBA great who played four consecutive finals against Steph has made a statement here. The GOAT, as many like to call him, has witnessed Curry’s game closely over the years. Being a man of the same generation as his, LeBron has often appreciated him as a peer.

The new generation talent is missing without the 32-year-old point guard. Moreover, that era was different, but Steph could have still been a dominating figure like today. What do you think?


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