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“I Worked My A** Off”: When Derrick Rose Got Emotional After Achieving a Career High

“I Worked My A** Off”: When Derrick Rose Got Emotional After Achieving a Career High

There are many players in the NBA who could have changed the course of their career if things hadn’t decelerated. One of them being Derrick Rose, who achieved his career-high 50 points after ten years into the league. It was an emotional moment for the man who went through a tough phase over the years.

If you ask Derrick Rose about his most memorable moments in the NBA, this will probably top the charts. It was back in 2018-19 season when he had signed a one year contract with Minnesota Timberwolves. In a game against Utah Jazz, Rose stepped into the 50-point club for the first time.

But why was this accolade an emotional moment for the 30-year-old?

Derrick’s career touched heights at a very young age but also dropped immediately with the consecutive injuries. He was the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2008 when Chicago Bulls had drafted him.

At the age of 22 years, he became the youngest player to earn the NBA MVP award. Moreover, he was the only player other than Michael Jordan to achieve this in Bulls franchise history. This was 2011, and ever since, things haven’t been the same for Rose.

Derrick Rose Said that Moment Meant Everything to Him

Multiple knee injuries slowed down his game. There were many seasons when he didn’t play half of the games. He struggled through the years to make a mark one more time. And here he was in 2018, making it to the top.

Derrick led the team to a 128-125 win against the Utah Jazz. He scored 15 points in the last quarter, including six at the very last minute. His previous high score was 44 points that he had surpassed. Well, this time the highlight moment was the 3-pointer from the corner that tied the game at 119-119.

That game was a flashback for every Chicago Bulls fan and they applauded him from the stands post the match. Rose acknowledged the crowd, and evidently the post-match interview was going to focus on him. He had tears running through his eyes while he saw his career-high points on the screen.

When asked that what did it mean to him, Derrick replied, “Everything man. I worked my a** off.” And the crowd went bonkers with him to show all kinds of love and support. The next day’s newspapers were filled with that moment, which is still considered one of the best in NBA history.

The aftermath of this match was that Derrick Rose had joined the then 50-point club Minnesota players. To be precise, there were only five, including him.

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