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“I Would Let Him Score all the Time” NBA Legend Labels Stephen Curry His Favorite Player

“I Would Let Him Score all the Time” NBA Legend Labels Stephen Curry His Favorite Player

Yet another former NBA player has shown a green signal to Stephen Curry amongst the favorites. Guess what, this time it’s Shaquille O’Neal and he slipped a strong statement in a conversation with Conan O’Brien. It’s not surprising that Steph has another fan added in his long list, but Shaq is definitely a preeminent man to say this.

Stephen Curry has immense accolades to his name in the past years and set an example in the NBA. He is amongst the best shooters in the history of NBA with a career field goal percentage of over 45%. The 32-year old’s 3-point shooting is looked up to by many with the heavy figures of conversion of more than 40%.

Steph Curry coming to WSU Saturday to celebrate Klay Thompson

Golden State Warriors has grown as a team with Steph and his partner in crime, Klay Thompson. Well, it’s hard to say Kevin Durant now but he was also among those names a season back. Curry won thee titles for GSW out of the streak of reaching five times in the finals consecutively.

He is a 6-time NBA All-Star and he has brought numerous fans to his side with his heart-wrenching performances. Another man who seems to be impressed with Steph is Shaquille O’Neal.

Shaq chooses Stephen Curry as his favorite

On Conan O’Brien’s youtube channel, CONAN on TBS, Shaq joined in for a conversation with him. Conan mentioned a peculiar secret about O’Neal. Shaq sometimes lets the opponent score for the sake of respect for him. It’s usually when he respects or likes their game.

He even mentioned a couple of names for this. “Okay, Tracy McGrady, two or three plays, let me see what you got.” Another name was Allen Iverson with whom Shaq would do a similar practice. “Only time I didn’t do it was when I was in playoff mode but other than that…Even though I’m a player, there’re a lot of guys I really respect.”

Surprisingly, Shaq admitted that if it were in present times, Stephen Curry would have been that player for him. “If I was playing now, I would let Steph Curry score all the time. I love his game. He’s my favorite player.”

Being a teammate of LeBron James for a while in his playing days, Shaq still chooses Steph to be his favorite. How many more players are going to say this? Stephen Curry is taking away the show!

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