Lakers GM Reveals Kobe Bryant Was Busy Changing a Young Girl’s Life Minutes Before His Crash

July 30, 2020 4:30 pm

Kobe Bryant has behind a plethora of memories for each one after his death. From his close ones to his fans, it’s been a hard six months since that big loss. Los Angeles Lakers general manager, Rob Pelinka, recently reflected on his last conversation with the Mamba from that helicopter.

It’s often easy to ignore the minute details of an incident, but what Rob revealed was, in an essence, the final message from Kobe. While he was having a chat with Ernie Johnson on ‘NBA Together’, the Lakers official narrated the incident.

He had the same story to share on Kobe’s emotional memorial as well. For those who missed out on it, we can hear it again.

“I generally don’t check my phone when I’m in church. It was in my pocket and it buzzed or vibrated. There was just something in my spirit that said, ‘You know hey, grab your phone’. I can’t really explain it. And I did, and it was a text from him while he was on the chopper.”

What was the message from Kobe Bryant about?

“And he was reaching out to me to help a young girl that he wanted to help change her life and make her life better and her father was one of the passengers on the helicopter. So he was having a conversation on the helicopter,” Pelinka remembered.

“He wanted to help get his (John) daughter a sports internship with a prominent baseball agent which subsequently has happened. So Kobe’s wish was granted. But it just seemed to me in some sense like this was the essence of him.”

Over the years Kobe was known for his off-game achievements as well. His contribution to WNBA and other efforts in the field of basketball is the kind of essence Rob was talking about. And yes, till his last moments he was there to help a young girl make up her life.

“That moment just really spoke to me about the essence of him. He was thinking about other people and making their lives better,” Rob mentioned.


Source: YouTube – NBA on TNT

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