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The Hilarious Story of How Kobe Bryant Made a Journalist Do 500 Pushups After a Lost Challenge

The Hilarious Story of How Kobe Bryant Made a Journalist Do 500 Pushups After a Lost Challenge

Anybody who tries to bet against legends like Kobe Bryant ends up believing that it was a fault. If you pose any job as a challenge to him, he’ll make you regret it. A similar thing happened with an NBA writer a decade back.

If you challenge a 5-time NBA champion to hit a half-court shot with his left hand, what are you expecting?

Israel-born writer, Elie Seckbach surely expected something different. While Kobe was busy practicing, Elie challenged him to get one of those inside the ring. And in return, he had to do 200 pushups if Kobe won.

Well, he is Kobe Bryant. He did win it. But Elie wasn’t going to stop there. The former NBA correspondent told Kobe, “I didn’t see that shot.” He asked for a double-up with another 200 pushups if Kobe got one more shot like that.

Never challenge him, he’s going to make you pay for it. Doesn’t this attitude to be at the top remind you of Michael Jordan. Any kind of criticism simply drove him to do better and get his upper hand.


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Forever a classic. We miss you Bean. All credit goes to @elieseckbach 🔥

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Former NBA correspondent remembers Kobe Bryant with the famous bet against him

Kobe Bryant is an 18-time NBA All-star and earned the finals MVP twice. He was the face of Lakers in his entire career. Popularly known as ‘Black Mamba’, he has achieved tremendous feats that many couldn’t match to date. He led his franchise to five championship titles.

NBA lost its legend in an unfortunate helicopter crash this year in January. But even today fans and players remember him with different experiences throughout the world. The NBA writer, Elie Seckbach remembers Kobe with this particular incident very fondly.

But anyone will think twice before challenging the Mamba. They better get ready to lose because he’ll not give up on that.


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