Austin Rivers Reflects on How James Harden Inspired Him to Achieve Career-High Record

August 10, 2020 11:28 am

James Harden and Co. recorded another win on Sunday night over the Sacramento Kings and took their streak to 4-1 in the bubble. Austin Rivers bagged a career-high 41 points in the game. Despite Rockets missing out on a few starters in Orlando, they have managed to cross the winning line.

Austin Rivers drew inspiration from James Harden for that splendid performance over Kings

It was Austin Rivers’ night for sure with all those threes dropping in the bucket. He broke records off the bench and filled in for the likes of Russell Westbrook and Eric Gordon who were out due to injuries. Rivers was shooting a massive 70% from the field and scored six three-pointers to save the Rockets.

James Harden added another 32 points to their fourth victory in the bubble. Well, the Beard stands as a role model for his players on the team. Austin had a big night and he drew solid inspiration from the big man. He calls Harden the ‘hardest working guy’ on the Rockets roster.

“James (Harden) came up to me during the game and said this is what we need. We need you to continue to push yourself…James is the best player on our team. He’s also the hardest working guy on our team…I just try to reflect what he’s doing,” Rivers said in an interview post the game.

Rockets are looking forward to some more wins

Being a heavily offensive team, Rockets has opened doors to improve on their defensive abilities this season. Team coach, Mika D’Antoni also seems impressed with how the players are working on it. If they do build onto that aspect as well, they will be tough contenders in the playoffs for sure.

After this loss, Kings have further gone down the standings with five defeats after the restart. They were pushed out of the playoff race a few days back. On the other hand, Rockets have won it all in the bubble except against the Dallas Mavericks. Their injured starters will also make a comeback most probably in their next game.

The upcoming fixture for the Houston Rockets is against the San Antonio Spurs on 11th August.


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