“Bad Defensively” and “Lack of Awareness and Effort” – Zion Williamson Attracts Heavy Criticism

By 3 months ago

The 19-year old power forward from Pelicans, Zion Williamson was criticized on Twitter for his low-key defensive game. NBA writer and podcaster, Mo Dakhil showed concern over his game after the rookie bounced back from his injury.

Is Zion set to highlight his name with NBA Legends?

All-star Kevin Durant had tagged him as the ‘once-in-a-generation’ type athlete earlier. Often many analysts have drawn comparisons of his physical attributes to the likes of Charles Barkley and Larry Johnson. His broad and heavy built provides him the crazy amount of acceleration for driving in the restricted area.

Williamson has an unorthodox style of shooting and an extremely impressive in-game inside scoring ability. Though his weakness lies around the perimeter shooting range, the heavy man can conveniently push himself inside for his typical short-range baskets.

Zion has commendable positives that he possesses and he tends to play in his own skill-set, thus making the game easier for him. Current Pelicans point guard, Lonzo Ball is often the only player who sums up Zion’s efforts with great passing skills. He has a tendency to play as a team player and that ultimately contributes to Zion’s skills. That is exactly why Williamson plays his ultimate games alongside Lonzo.

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What is holding Zion Williamson back from excelling in his game?

Mo Dakhil pointed out some major concerns about Zion’s game in an interview. Dakhil stated in his lines, “He (Zion) is fairly bad defensively.”

It is true to say so as we witness his matches. He has impressive speed and length and so he carries the ‘ability’ to defend multiple positions. What he lacks is the ‘effort’. Williamson is known for his leaping ability but along with these aspects, there is an absence of defensive stance in his game.

The critics are unhappy with his ‘dearth of awareness’ on the court. Conditioning is one of the vital reasons that contribute to such gameplay is what he said. Knowing Zion’s ability to take on players in the restricted area, the worrying factor lies in his mediocre rebounding numbers. He is often less observant on the court which is pretty evident as an audience at times.

The Pelicans rookie at times resembles LeBron in his gameplay, but there are aspects about his game that worry many analysts. Despite his significant vertical stance and dunking spree, his defensive effort is a major concern.

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