The Most Unwanted Record in NBA Held by Karl Malone’s Utah Jazz

June 1, 2020 2:00 am

There are many everlasting records in NBA history. However, a unique one stands at the top to date. On April 9, 1990, the Utah Jazz recorded the maximum fouls in a single game. In an obvious matter of fact, they lost to their opponents, Phoenix Suns. Karl Malone didn’t do any less to contribute to it.

Karl Malone was the man for Utah Jazz at the time. For the second consecutive season, Malone finished second in the points per game table behind Michael Jordan in that season. During playoffs, Malone led Jazz was up against the Suns. Karl averaged 25.2 points and 10.2 rebounds against their rivals. 

In that particular game against the Suns, Jazz managed to hit 52 fouls that led to a 119-115 loss to them. John Stockton, Thurl Bailey, Bobby Hansen, and Eric Johnson all committed six each and got fouled out of the game. Karl Malone and Blue Edwards added five per player.

Not wanting to be left out of the action, Mark Eaton, Darrell Griffith, Mike Brown, and Delaney Rudd all had four fouls. Moreover, another two were committed by Eric Leckner. Since then, no other team has managed to attempt those many fouls in a game.

Karl Malone was no less in achieving this record for Utah Jazz

In stark contrast, the Suns had 32 fouls to their name. Kevin Johnson was their highest scorer with 37 points, only one more than Malone. Karl was in there for 46 minutes, after which he got fouled out. Thurl Bailey and John Stockton got bailed out with six fouls in around 35 minutes.

Also, it’s funny how Malone and his squad fouled their way to the record. The entire team got fouled, and no player backed out from the increasing numbers.

Utah Jazz was known for always having the highest league record but eventually breaking down in the playoffs. They were called the deserved ones, but the franchise could never get the trophy. Even during 1997-98, being so close to a championship, Jazz lost to Jordan’s Bulls in the finals twice.

Utah never had an NBA title but interestingly stand tall on the NBA foul record.


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