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Trae Young Surpasses Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal in a Crazy Record

Trae Young Surpasses Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal in a Crazy Record

While Last Dance is coming to an end, Trae Young seems to be writing a new chapter of his career. The young man has surpassed Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal with the most 40-point games in the first two seasons. Well, is Trae already writing a fairy tale script to his NBA career?

Before even stepping into the NBA, Young was the NCAA 2018 season’s scoring and assists leader. His achievements trace back to that time.

The same year he was drafted in the NBA draft by Dallas Mavericks and immediately got traded to Atlanta Hawks. His two years in the NBA are coming to an end with this season and he has already started breaking records.

The 21-year old is a point guard for the Hawks and averaged 29.6 PPG and 4.3 RPG before the league got suspended. Moreover, he is second to LeBron James in the assists per game standings. Trae became a member of his first NBA All-Star game this time.

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Trae Young is topping charts overthrowing O’Neal and Jordan

After MJ and O’Neal, Trae has reserved his place in the most 40-point games in his first two seasons. Jordan and Shaq were at 7 and 10 respectively. This young man is standing tall with 12 to his name.

Michael also had similar figures in his rookie years. He recorded 28.2 PPG in his first season. But the next one took a dip in figures.

Young is yet to join the 60-point club but has already had one 50-point game in his record. How many more are yet to come is what we’ll see in his playing years ahead.

But for now, Trae has had prominent moments in his two years. He was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2019.

Lakers legend, Shaquille O’Neal was topping the 40-point game list before Young came up. Shaq also started on a high note in the NBA just like these stars. Now that Trae has been listed in the same record as such men at such an early stage, it’s a notable achievement.

Trae is often compared to Stephen Curry in his generation of players. And now he is beating Michael Jordan in statistics. What is he doing already?

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