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“Whatever Happened, Happened”: Donovan Mitchell Clears the Air Around His Rift With Rudy Gobert

“Whatever Happened, Happened”: Donovan Mitchell Clears the Air Around His Rift With Rudy Gobert

Utah Jazz center, Rudy Gobert, was the first NBA player to test positive for the coronavirus. A day later, his teammate, Donovan Mitchell, also contracted the virus. The two developed a feud in the past few months after Donovan revealed he was “frustrated with him.” But now, things seem in control.

The league is geared up to start at the end of this month, and so are the players. Jazz star Donovan Mitchell also found a reason to end the cold air between him and Rudy. It’s been a couple of months now since they both got tested. But now, the team is priority for Donovan.

“Right now we’re good. We’re going out there ready to hoop,” Mitchell said Via ESPN. “And I think the biggest thing that kind of sucked was that it took away from the guys on the team, took away from what the guys on the team were trying to do and I really wish that as going forward.”

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Donovan Mitchell comments on his equation with Rudy Gobert

Back in March, when the two tested COVID-19 positive, Donovan blamed Rudy for touching the mics in the press conference. He was really irritated that his teammate didn’t take precautions for the same. One comment led to another, Rudy apologized for being careless, and now finally their equation has turned out fine.

“I think that’ll be really a part of the focus, is just us gelling as a team because obviously, Rudy and I had COVID and whatever happened, happened. But now we’re ready to hoop and focused on the team as a whole,” he added.

“Because we’re not really trying to keep taking attention away from what everybody’s got going on. Obviously, we’ve got Bojan (Bogdanovic) out so we’ve got some guys that are really looking good and ready to step up and that’s what we’re really excited about.”

Currently, Utah Jazz is standing fourth in the Western Conference and are one of the teams going to Orlando. With the season making a comeback, let’s find out how they’ll maintain a good rapport for the team.

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