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“One of My Favorite Novels”: Vanessa Bryant Makes a Big Announcement for Fans of Kobe Bryant

“One of My Favorite Novels”: Vanessa Bryant Makes a Big Announcement for Fans of Kobe Bryant

Vanessa Bryant posted the cover of her husband’s new book, ‘Geese Are Never Swans’ on Instagram. It’s the fifth book by Kobe Bryant, a collaboration with psychologist Eva Clark. The 288-page book will be releasing on 21st July.

This book is surrounded around the protagonist, Guss Bennett who aspires to be an Olympic swimmer. His relationship with his coach Marks plays a significant role in the story. Vanessa says it’s “One of my favorite novels created by my husband.”

“In this powerful novel about the punishing and the healing nature of sports, Gus’s rage threatens to swallow him at every turn,” reads the book’s synopsis. “He’s angry at his brother, his mother, his coach . . . even himself. But as he works through his feelings and toward his goal, Gus does everything he can to channel his anger into excelling at the sport that he and Danny both loved, finding solace in the same place he must face his demons: the water.”

The fifth book by Kobe Bryant is already attracting buyers

Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram post read, “This story perfectly highlights the healing nature that lies within sports.” She also mentioned that the book is available for pre-orders from now on.

The book is already attracting attention from fans as well as eminent personalities. Los Angeles Lakers President, Jeanie Buss, reacted to Vanessa’s post. “Pre-ordered 4 copies!” read her comment. 

This is not the first time that Kobe entered the writing business. His previous works include, ‘The Wizenard Series’ written with Wesley King. This will sadly be the last book with the name of Kobe Bryant on it. The Lakers legend passed away in a helicopter crash recently in January.

Kobe’s wife is clearly looking forward to the release and so are all other Kobe fans.


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