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“You Would Have Rather Played with Me” Former NBA Player Takes a Sly Dig at Kyrie Irving

“You Would Have Rather Played with Me” Former NBA Player Takes a Sly Dig at Kyrie Irving

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas admitted on Redditt that he would love to play a 1-on-1 against three best guards of today’s times. Those stars would be namely, Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, and Kyrie Irving.

They are definitely three big names and it’s interesting to sense the confidence Gilbert holds in saying so. “Kyrie… would love to play Kyrie, Steph, and Dame. because we didn’t have aggressive type of guards like that, back when I was playing.”

Gilbert played for Washington Wizards longest in his career. He was then traded to Orlando Magic. Gilbert’s ball-handling and his other skills made him one of the most insane point guards of his time. He is on the list of what-ifs in the NBA.

He talked about his playing career and tilted his stance on Irving. Kyrie Irving is just 28 years old, and he is already an NBA champion, 6-time NBA All-Star and an All-star MVP. Nothing changes the fact that he is one of the best of this generation.

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“No disrespect to Kyrie Irving,” says Gilbert Arenas

“My IQ was top 5 of all time. People called me a ball hog because I averaged 29. But I had 2 other guys averaging 20. So for a guy to understand the rules, possessions, and how to stop the close. To get to the line and stop the clock, to manipulate the rules where it didn’t cost to play with me.” Gilbert stated.

Even though Gilbert says “no disrespect to Kyrie”, he did rip through Kyrie’s game. The former NBA All-star clearly mentions that he could be a better pick than Kyrie.

“You would have rather played with me than Kyrie. No disrespect to Kyrie but he plays a playoff-style which means every possession counts. You’re not fighting for the same food, everyone eats. Everyone got a chance to maximize their production which gave them better contracts.”

Irving has incredible statistics under pressure situations. He averages a stunning 23.5 points per game during playoffs. Kyrie is the man who made a three-point shot with 53 seconds left to win against the Golden State Warriors in 2016 finals.

Now that he has moved to Brooklyn Nets recently with his friend Kevin Durant, let’s see what the brothers will make out of it.

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