Top 5 NFL Destinations for NC State Star DJ Burns Jr. as Scouts & GMs Hype the Big Man as a Potential OT Draft Prospect

Published 04/02/2024, 11:54 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Imagine a baller straight outta the hardwood, dominating the paint like Shaq in his prime, sending fans into a frenzy with every monster jam. Now picture that same athlete lacing up the cleats and strapping on a helmet, ready to take on the big boys in the NFL. Sounds like a fantasy, right?

Well, that’s the real deal for NC State’s DJ Burns Jr., whose potential leap from the hardwood to the gridiron is making waves. Yesterday, NFL insider Peter Schrager dropped a bombshell that sent shockwaves through the league.

Word is, he’s been talkin’ to scouts and GMs, and they’re all hyped about Burns as a potential offensive tackle prospect. At a towering 6’7″, with footwork smoother than a buttered biscuit, there’s a sense that if this hoop star showcased his skills at a Pro Day, you know the turnout would be crazy with teams throwing cash at him.


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Burns wasn’t just some scrub-ballin’ at NC State. He boasts 1,000+ career points/rebounds. Won ’24 ACC Tourney MVP, led NC State to first ACC title since ’87. With numbers and accolades like that, you already know NFL defenses better watch out for this dude.

Now, we’ve seen ballers transition from the hardwood to the gridiron before–think Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez–but Burns? It’s like someone took Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez, threw ’em in a blender, and got pure athletic greatness. So, which squad’s gonna take a chance on this hoop-turned-football phenom?

DJ Burns Jr’s hoop credentials make him a legit NFL prospect

As the NFL Draft approaches, teams are eyeing Burns like a kid in a candy store. The Philadelphia Eagles have a knack for turning raw talents into MVPs on the O-line. Just look at what they did with Jordan Mailata. They could be the perfect spot for Burns to learn the ropes and become the next great offensive tackle.


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USA Today via Reuters

Or what about the New England Patriots? They turned Julian Edelman from a college QB into a straight-up receiving threat. Burns’ unique skill set could fit right into the Pats’ philosophy of versatility and innovation. Speaking of innovation, the San Francisco 49ers ain’t afraid to think outside the box, just peep at their state-of-the-art Levi’s Stadium.


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The Baltimore Ravens are another prospect. They love players who can adapt and excel in multiple roles, just like Swiss Army knife Kyle Hamilton. Last but not least, the Kansas City Chiefs have a history of scouting and developing offensive tackle prospects, turning rough diamonds into Pro Bowlers. With Andy Reid’s coaching magic and Patrick Mahomes‘ no-look passes, Burns could be the missing piece to their offensive juggernaut.


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Whichever team takes a flier on DJ Burns Jr. is not just adding a new player to the roster–they’re embracing an underdog story straight outta Hollywood. Burns represents the thrill of the unknown, the excitement of a diamond in the rough waiting to shine on the biggest stage.

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