Bill Belichick Is Planning to Continue Coaching Until 2024 Despite Not Being Given Official Confirmation From Robert Kraft

Published 12/24/2023, 4:29 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

The Bill Belichick saga is currently the most silent yet anticipated story of the NFL. No one at this point really knows where the HC will be heading, or what the Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft has actually decided about his future. And it isn’t different at the insiders’ office as well.

NFL insider Tom Pelissero revealed the latest breaking on the Belichick story talking to Ian Rapoport. Although he sounded blank about the Patriots‘ insights, his update, however, might come as good news to Bill Belichick supporters.

Robert Kraft hasn’t greenlighted Bill Belichick’s departure


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Patriots owner Robert Kraft hasn’t decided on the 71-year-old HC’s future. That’s because the two haven’t met at all, according to Pelissero. Rumors have been flying in the past few weeks about Kraft’s potential decision to part ways with Belichick. But since the news broke out a few weeks ago, there has been no official confirmation from either side. And it’s impossible to conclude anything from the update unless the two meet, according to the insider.

This could potentially mean good news for Belichick. As Pelissero pointed out, the head coach obviously wants to continue with coaching in 2024. With the experience he has, he sees a chance of being hopeful once again after building the team from scratch initially, winning 6 Super Bowls, and creating a dynasty.

Deep down he might also be chasing the all-time win record, which is currently held by Don Shula with 328 wins. This could potentially be achieved by Belichick in the next two seasons, having 301 regular season wins currently.

But the inactivity from Kraft could also mean the worst for Belichick. It is possible that the owner has set his ultimatum about the head coach and doesn’t feel like making a fuss about it.

Bill Belichick’s removal doesn’t guarantee a solution for the Patriots


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Belichick-led Patriots have been on a constant downfall ever since Tom Brady left. Before a certain Chiefs duo captured the headlines, Belichick and his favorite QB held the title for being the NFL’s best love story. And following their breakup in 2020, Belichick has not been able to maintain the same standards. Although Brady went on to win his record 7th ring with the Buccs, the curtain started falling on the Patriots dynasty.

via Imago

It is almost fully fallen by now, and evident in their run in the post-Brady era. The Patriots have posted a record of 83-102 in the last 23 seasons, going into week 16 of the current one. And they are on a constant downward trajectory, as most of the losses came after Brady’s departure. Things are over for them in the season, but their upcoming opponents Broncos will try to capitalize on every drive with a potential playoff hope still alive.


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Belichick’s removal doesn’t guarantee a quick solution to the problems. And owner Robert Kraft knows it all too well as the 6x Super Bowl champions still try to navigate their way through a post-Brady era.

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