“It’s Gotta Be Cold as B***s”: Travis Kelce Reveals His Dislike for Heated Benches Ahead of Coldest Showdown in Chiefs History

Published 01/10/2024, 12:41 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Travis Kelce has expressed his dislike over the heated benches of the NFL. Along with his brother Jason Kelce on the latest episode of the New Heights podcast, he termed the benches “hot as f**k.” The Eagles center even suggested they might burn a player’s hamstring with their temperature.

But will the Chiefs TE have the same reaction during their playoff game vs the Dolphins on January 13, Sunday? Because the Arrowhead game could be the coldest in the Chiefs’ history according to the meteorological department. How cold? Unbelievably cold. And there’s a bigger problem than the temperature.

Travis Kelce doesn’t like heated benches, so what about January 13?


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Kelce said that the NFL’s heated “benches are hot as f**k”, to answer a fan’s question during a live podcast with Jason. “They’re real hot, matter of fact it’ll burn your hamstrings sometimes”, doubled down the center. The tight end further insisted he wouldn’t care about the heater unless it was extremely cold, “It’s gotta be cold as balls for me to be on the heater, man”.

Unfortunately for Kelce, it will be exactly that cold this upcoming Sunday that he may need to take the help of the heated benches. The National Weather Service believes the Saturday weather in Kansas City will only get up to 13°C at its highest. But during the 7 PM kickoff, it may drop to as low as -2°C.

Added that with the windy conditions of the area, and the 10-20 mph forecasted speed on the matchday, it sounds like big trouble for both the teams. Especially Kelce, who doesn’t like the heated benches at all. And the track record doesn’t favor his team either, except for one lucky fact about the Chiefs’ next opponent.

The Chiefs aren’t comfortable in snow, but there’s hope


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The last time the Chiefs played a snowy game, it was a disaster for them. In week 8 of the current season, the defending champions took on the 2-5 Broncos, whom they had beaten two weeks ago. As a quarterback, a flu-affected Patrick Mahomes was standing one win away from history. But miraculously, the Broncos completely humiliated the Chiefs 24-9, throwing Mahomes far away from a few records. The QB also injured his finger in the process.

USA Today via Reuters

But there’s still maybe a hope. Miami is known for its tropical climate throughout the year. There hasn’t been a snowfall in the city in recorded history, other than sightings of irregular snow flurries in certain areas of the city during the exceptionally cold winters of 1977. The Dolphins aren’t used to playing in such harsh weather conditions either other than a few games every season.


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In that regard at least, the defending champions have a ray of hope against the hot TagovailoaHill offense in cold Kansas. But will Mahomes-Kelce be able to capitalize on it? We’ll have the answer on January 13.

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