Meet Megan Harpe, Wife of Vontae Davis: All You Need to Know About Their Long-Term Relationship

Published 04/01/2024, 11:04 PM EDT

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In 2018, during his first start for the Buffalo Bills against the Chargers, Vontae Davis decided to walk away from football at halftime. “Today on the field, reality hit me fast and hard: I shouldn’t be out there anymore.” He was just 30 then. Five years on, on April 1, Davis passed away. And one person who must be feeling the void most profoundly? His wife and rock, Megan Harpe.

What started as an accidental run-in at a DC birthday bash quickly blossomed into one of football’s most magnetic love stories between Davis and his sweetheart, Megan Harpe. It was a party he was dragged to, but somehow, it was meant to be. After “awkwardly staring at [Harpe]” – per their wedding website – throughout the evening, Davis found the courage to walk up to his future wife and ask, “Hi, you have very strong legs, are you an athlete?”

With just one smile from the Loyola Maryland track star, the young cornerback was instantly smitten. An unconventional icebreaker turned into a conversation, ending in exchanging numbers, although Vontae famously fumbled Megan’s that fateful night in 2010. However, his persistence to keep pursuing her previewed the tireless dedication he’d soon bring to both his NFL career and their blossoming romance.


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Texting mix-up after mix-up, he simply wouldn’t take no for an answer from his queen. As Vontae elevated to Pro Bowl heights, Megan was there every hard-hitting step of the way – juggling her political science and sociology studies while fearlessly rocking being the support system for her NFL boyfriend. The unbreakable couple seemed to find motivation in one another during the toughest grind.

Their fairytale partnership reached new heights when Vontae secretly carved “Marry Me?” into a pumpkin during a Halloween couples’ carving contest in 2013, solidifying his ultimate touchdown – becoming Megan’s husband in 2015. According to sources, Harpe is from Connecticut and graduated from Loyola University, Baltimore, in 2011.

Later on, she went on to join the mental health field. However, she eventually relocated to Miami, Florida, to live with Davis, who at that point was a cornerback for the Dolphins. The dedicated woman also helped veterans and provided local mental health support. Following that, she studies law at the University of Illinois.

Their epic love story seemed truly built to last. From their fateful meeting at a DC lounge to supporting each other through the chilling injuries that forced Vontae’s premature retirement in 2018 – they’d overcome every obstacle side-by-side.


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Inside Vontae Davis and Megan’s magnetic connection

Undeniably, the former professional and his belle shared a magnetic connection. However, their bond was put to the ultimate test when injuries started catching up to the two-time Pro Bowler. In 2018, Vontae made the gut-wrenching decision to retire mid-game, proving his ride-or-die mentality extended far beyond football.

That’s when Megan’s heroic devotion peaked, granting her husband the courage during these challenging times. While elite cornerbacks are known for blanketing receivers, Harpe lovingly blanketed her husband with unconditional care and compassion when he boldly hung up his cleats for good. As Vontae declared at the time, “It’s more important to walk away healthy for my family.”


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Sadly, the 35-year-old has said goodbye to the world, and his family is dealing with this great loss. While Davis will be forever missed by his loved ones, especially his wife, who supported him unconditionally, their powerful bond and Vontae’s lasting memory will undoubtedly provide her strength during this unrelenting sorrow.

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