NFL Head Coach Tracker: Justin Field’s Resurgence Saves Matt Eberflus His Job, Chicago Decides to Stick To HC Post Long Deliberations

Published 01/10/2024, 7:24 PM EST

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The Bears ownership believes that Matt Eberflus has done just about enough to save his head coaching job. ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed that the HC was given the official nod to continue with the team for the 2024 season after finishing 7-10, a ‘significant improvement’ from the previous one.

But what influenced the crucial decision for the franchise? Many of the pundits believe that Eberflus has been an improvement compared to former head coach Matt Nagy, but the stats don’t support that. So who could Eberflus thank for the favor, quarterback Justin Fields or the whole team?

Matt Eberflus set to remain the Bears coach for the 2024 season


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Schefter took to his Instagram to reveal the details of the process that took place during the last two days. And the outcome is that Matt Nagy’s successor, Matt Eberflus gets another chance with the team. The league sources are behind the news’ revelation, according to the leading NFL Insider.


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The Bears conducted extensive meetings on Monday and Tuesday to discuss the HC’s future, which has gone well for Eberflus, for now at least. But what may have influenced the decision that supported the 10-24 head coach to stay for one more year? Especially given the management got fed up with Nagy despite a winning record?

Only Justin Fields behind Matt Eberflus’ stay or something bigger?

Simply put, Nagy didn’t match his own standard following the Coach of the Year Award in 2018. Somewhat ironically, he didn’t find a fixed replacement for QB Mitch Trubisky (who used to be one of his favorites during their Chiefs‘ time) until his final season, when Fields was drafted. Out of indecisiveness with quarterbacks and offense, Nagy was forced to quit the job leaving Fields a rookie. But he did manage a 34-31-0 record during his time.


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Eberflus on the other hand, has barely crossed the double-digit in wins after 2 seasons, also accumulating 24 losses during the time. But unlike Nagy, the current HC has seemed to find a better use of his QB, which he has done with Fields. Despite staying out with a dislocated thumb for 4 games, Fields came back to turn the 3-7 season to 7-10. He was particularly noticeable during the Bears’ surprising win over the Lions in week 14. The 7-10 is also a huge upgrade from a disastrous 3-14 in 2022 which was a fallout from the 6-11 in 2021.

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Most importantly, Eberflus has tied the team together like no one else, which is impressive recalling the uncertainty that surrounded the locker room following defensive coordinator Alan Williams‘ mysterious resignation in week 4. The head coach is seen as a father figure and the one who could bring good times back in Chicago if given enough time. The players trust him heavily as well, and all of these might have been the highlighting factors during the meeting that called for continuity in Eberflus’ Bears career.


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