NFL Incentive Tracker: “He Got It!” Jason and Travis Kelce Fanboy Over DeAndre Hopkins After Huge Pay Day

Published 01/10/2024, 12:51 PM EST

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The NFL is going through an interesting phase. Given the increasing number of team-player contract turmoils, the players often go any distance possible to fulfill their seasonal quota if it earns them a little more in incentives. In that regard, one of the happier ones following this regular season is Titans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

On the last day of the regular season, Hopkins managed to reach his quota against the Jaguars, earning him the bonus. Although the team goes back home for the year, Hopkins’ success made Travis and Jason Kelce happy, who are often vocal about team-player contract fiascos.

DeAndre Hopkins claims a $500k bonus


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Hopkins’ contract with the Titans guaranteed him $250k in incentives if the wide receiver reached 1,050 yards in the season. Similarly, he needed 75 receives to earn him a further $250k on the end-season paycheck. Surprisingly, with 39 yards and 7 catches remaining, Hopkins reached both goals during the loss against the Jaguars. He ended the 2023 season with exactly 75 catches and 1,057 yards.

His achievement made Travis Kelce happy. During an episode of the New Heights Podcast, Jason read the news to which, Kelce joyfully reacted “He got it, man!” Titans QB Ryan Tannehill said, “He might have to go rogue to get him there if he needed”, suggesting he was equally supportive of the WR’s bonus.

“These couple of weeks start getting a bit of notoriety…”, Jason said, suggesting that the players were ready to do whatever was needed to earn them their incentives, especially in the last couple of weeks. “Money is on the line”, further said Travis, on why the players were desperate to earn the last bit of their paycheck amid the ongoing contract issue in the league. Obviously, we are talking about Russell Wilson.

DeAndre Hopkins stands out amidst Russell Wilson’s contract saga


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The Broncos quarterback stands at the polar opposite of Hopkins at the moment. While the wide receiver finished the season collecting an extra $500k, the QB finished the season from the bench, collecting mixed reactions about the season and his future. On Wednesday, Broncos GM George Paton detailed how he felt about the negotiations with Wilson’s agent regarding his $39 million injury guarantee.

USA Today via Reuters

Which many suspect to be the reason for the QB’s benching. “Negotiations are hard, you have difficult conversations, tough conversations and you can characterize a negotiation really any way you want. We always try to handle ourselves professionally and in the best interest of the Broncos… And this was no different”, Paton said, suggesting it wasn’t an easy decision bringing up the contract issue to the QB’s side


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However, that doesn’t end the drama at Broncos, and neither party is certain about Wilson’s future in Denver. And the QB’s situation makes Hopkins’ success even more satisfying for players the Kelce brothers and fellow players.

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