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Justin Jefferson’s on-field magic has captivated NFL fans, but off the field, his personal life has been a whole different ball game. The Minnesota Vikings’ star wide receiver has been at the center of a whirlwind romance saga, with relationships ranging from Instagram models to licensed attorneys. It’s been a roller coaster ride that would make even the most seasoned cornerback’s head spin.

But here’s the real game-changer: Jefferson’s private life recently took an unexpected turn when Andrea Galea, a former flame, filed a paternity lawsuit. This legal Hail Mary has thrust the usually private Jefferson into the spotlight, forcing him to navigate the tricky terrain of fame, fatherhood, and football.

Jefferson’s paternity suit


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The legal document filed by Andrea Galea claims Jefferson is the father of her daughter, Stella, born in December 2023. Galea’s filing doesn’t mince words, stating, “Regrettably, Defendant sought to pressure the Plaintiff into having an abortion.”

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Jefferson’s counter-play includes pushing for a paternity test and seeking an injunction to limit information sharing about the child. His legal team argues that Galea “has a substantial presence and following on various social media platforms” and may be using the situation for self-promotion.

This courtroom clash highlights the complex playbook of an NFL player’s personal life. Galea’s suit alleges that Jefferson has been absent both emotionally and financially. According to her paternity lawsuit filed on January 19, Galea and Jefferson became romantically involved in 2019 before drifting apart and reconnecting in April 2023.

Galea is a former swimmer with the Tigers. She graduated from Miami Law with honors in 2023 and is just embarking on a legal career while taking care of her daughter with the help of her own mother, according to some reports.

As this legal drama unfolds in the red zone of Jefferson’s personal life, another key person is Tianna Harris, rumored to be Jefferson’s girlfriend since 2020. How does she fit into this complicated formation? Let’s huddle up and take a closer look at the women who’ve been part of Jefferson’s life.


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Justin Jefferson’s timeline of rumored romances

Justin Jefferson’s love life has been as dynamic as his route-running. Before the current buzz about Tianna Harris, Jefferson’s romantic history reads like a fantasy football draft. In the early rounds, there was Hailey, a fitness instructor who was in Jefferson’s lineup until 2019. Their relationship hit a snag when Andrea Galea entered the picture, leading to the current legal scrimmage.

Next up on the depth chart was Kayla Infante, who briefly captured headlines. Infante, previously linked to NBA star Ja Morant, seemed to be Jefferson’s girlfriend for a short time. However, like a trick play that doesn’t quite pan out, this connection fizzled out quickly.


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Since 2020, Tianna Harris has been the name on everyone’s lips. This 24-year-old Instagram model and former Kent State soccer star brings her own athletic prowess to the table. With a bachelor’s in marketing and a MAC Defensive Player of the Year title under her belt, Harris is leading her journey. Despite their apparent chemistry, Jefferson and Harris keep their relationship playbook close to the vest, leaving fans to speculate based on social media breadcrumbs.

The rumor mill went into overtime when a photo of Jefferson with LSU athlete Olivia Dunne surfaced in 2023. The NFL Notifications Twitter account added fuel to the fire, posting: “Vikings Star WR Justin Jefferson was seen getting ‘very close’ with co-LSU athlete Olivia Dunne“. This social media blitz showcases the intense scrutiny NFL players face in the digital age. As Jefferson continues to rack up yards on the field and headlines off it, fans are left wondering: Who will be the ultimate receiver of Jefferson’s affections? Only time will tell if his personal life will score as big as his recent $140 million contract extension.