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In the vibrant heart of Boulder, the No.5 Colorado women’s basketball team painted a masterpiece on the canvas of victory. Facing the resilient California Golden Bears squad, the Buffs claimed a 76-61 victory. However, beyond the on-court brilliance, a star-studded spectacle unfolded with the entry of none other than the football icon, Deion Sanders

Even though Prime Time’s daughter, Shelomi, the Buffs’ guard found herself on the bench, he rooted for the team the whole game. Joining his ex-wife Pilar and son Shedeur, Deion Sanders added an extra layer of excitement to the already thrilling contest.

Deion Sanders’ support for Bossy and her team from the sidelines


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The match witnessed the Bears entering the matchup with a commendable 12-4 record that showcased their resilience. They maintained a close match with the Buffaloes in each of the first three quarters. However, the Bears had to ultimately surrender to the tenacity of the Buffaloes (14-1,4-0) on the stage for a captivating final quarter. Shelomi may not have stepped onto the court, but her presence from the bench remained a silent force. 

The spirit of the Colorado women’s basketball game soared as the camera panned to the stands, capturing the infectious presence of Deion Sanders who made an appearance cheering for his daughter and her team. His presence added a special touch to his daughter’s collegiate journey.

With his attendance in the latest game, Deion has joined his ex-wife and son in cheering for the youngest Sanders. With the Buffaloes unleashing an outstanding 3-point barrage that extended their lead in the second half, the cheers of Sander’s family reached the pinnacle. 

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Sanders family unity in cheering for Shelomi and the Colorado Buffs

The Colorado women’s basketball stands have witnessed more than just Sanders’ exuberant cheers in this season. It transpired into a family union as Deion’s son, Shedeur and ex-wife Pilar have also been part of the collective celebration. The unity among the Sanders family members showcased a broader narrative of family support.  

Deion and Pilar got divorced very publicly in 2013, after which Deion won custody of his children and Pilar was given visitation rights. Though there have been numerous instances of animosity between the ex-couple all these years, they have always come together to support their children collectively.


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From Pilar’s presence at Shilo and Sheduer’s football games to now their collective presence at Bossy’s basketball game, the Sanders family continues to contribute to their legacy as ardent supporters of the Buffaloes.

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