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Soheli Tarafdar is an NFL writer at EssentiallySports. Soheli is fascinated by the fusion of teamwork, those split-second decisions, and the raw physical power of football athletes. She loves decoding the locker room rumors, the cryptic posts, and the behind-the-scenes drama brewing in the college football world. She connects fans with their favorite athletes by making them more personable through her writing. When she’s away from her writing desk, she loves traveling and experiencing new moments.

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“Didn’t See It as Harmful”: Deion Sanders’ Recruits Reject ‘Divide and Rule’ Speculation in Colorado Buffs Locker Room

Deion Sanders recruits laugh off 'Divide and Rule' rumors, citing their unity in touchdowns, not turmoil, on Reach The People Media video

6 hrs ago

Defending Deion Sanders Costs Ex-NFL Player Spot on Show as Live Debate Turns Ugly

NFL veteran Matt McChesney and Big Smitty got into an ugly fight, holding different opinions about Deion Sanders’ Lil Wayne concert allegations

8 hrs ago

Watch: Travis Hunter’s Insane Speed Training Aims to Skyrocket NFL Draft Stock

Travis Hunter shows off his running talents during a speed training regimen with the aim of securing his place in the 2025 NFL Draft.

8 hrs ago

“Daddy Treatment”: Shedeur Sanders Crushed by Young Athlete’s Hilariously Scathing Nepotism Remarks

Shedeur Sanders receives yet another nepotism jab from a young athlete of the Buffs roster as his 2025 NFL Draft projection hangs in the air.

9 hrs ago

“Ain’t Get Kicked Out”: Colorado Buffs Players Deny ‘Dictator’ Claims Against Deion Sanders Over Shedeur-Lil Wayne Concert Controversy

Here's some honest reviews from the players who missed out on the Lil Wayne concert to expose the truth about the mandate claim against Deion Sanders

9 hrs ago

“They Start Telling Lies”: Deion Sanders Jr. Makes Blunt Observation Amid Lil Wayne Concert Report and Paul Finebaum’s Criticism of Coach Prime

Deion Sanders Jr. takes a firm stand and shuts down critics with a sharp X post, exposing them as haters and liars. What did he say?

10 hrs ago

Deiondra Sanders’ Stunning Swimsuit Look Leaves Boyfriend Jacquees in Awe Despite Her Bold Transformation Revelation

Deiondra Sanders now embraces her pregnancy weight transformation as her boyfriend Jacquees pours in a loving comment under her Instagram post

2 days ago

“Bro Got Tired”: Deion Sanders Jr. Delivers Bold Verdict on Gervonta Davis vs. Frank Martin WBA Lightweight Championship Fight

Deion Sanders Jr. comes up with an expert commentary right after the Gervonta Davis vs. Frank Martin duel in the WBA championship

2 days ago

Rob Gronkowski’s Model Girlfriend Camille Kostek Embraces Incredible Feat After Celebrating Tom Brady’s Iconic Hall of Fame Ceremony

Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend, Camille Kostek, celebrates her latest milestone shortly after attending Tom Brady’s Hall of Fame ceremony.

2 days ago

“Tough to Imagine…”: Lincoln Riley Throws Support Behind Mentor Mike Leach’s College Football Hall of Fame Eligibility

The National Football Foundation hints that late Mississippi State HC Mike Leach is out of the Hall of Fame race while Lincoln Riley stands in defense.

2 days ago

Warren Sapp Catches Up With NBA Legend Carmelo Anthony on Colorado Offseason After Sending Blunt Warning to CU Buffs Players

Colorado Buffaloes’ graduate assistant, Warren Sapp, cooled off after a stressful training season by catching up with NBA legend Carmelo Anthony.

2 days ago

“It’s Hard to Achieve”: Tom Brady Gets Brutally Honest on Caleb Williams’ Aspirations to Surpass the NFL Legend’s 7X Super Bowl Record

Tom Brady is skeptical about Chicago Bears’ rookie quarterback, Caleb Williams, breaking his seven-time Super Bowl record.

2 days ago

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