Nikki Glaser Continues to Spill Secrets From Tom Brady’s Roast, Says Mike Tyson & 2 Comedians Dropped Out

Published 05/15/2024, 8:07 AM EDT

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It was a night of smiles and loud hollers coming straight from the belly of the viewers but it was also the one that marked a milestone for Nikki Glaser since her career ‘ascended overnight‘ following the jokes she made about Tom Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bundchen. Glaser’s Rob Gronk accent laced, “Me know that not real money,” became the highlight of the Sunday night at Kia Forum on Netflix’s Greatest Roast of All Time. As the after-effects of the once-in-a-lifetime night are losing their steam, the star of the night Glaser is getting the words lost behind the scenes in the frenzy of the night out.

Theo Von interviewed Glaser on May 15, one where she claimed something that had the fans raising their brows to their hairlines. When asked about who dropped out from the lineup on the Tom Brady roast, Nikki Glaser said a name, “Mike Tyson,” without missing a beat, almost as if she was itching to spill the secret. “There were three men that dropped off. Two comedians and Mike Tyson. One was a celebrity guy. They were men,” Glaser admitted, finally letting the cat out of the bag.

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While the fans are churning their minds the best about who the comedians besides the boxing legend Mike Tyson are, they can only imagine how much more brutal would the roast turn out to be if even one of these had been confirmed. “I don’t even know if they were confirmed. I maybe they were just names that were floated,” the F-Boy island host later added. Safe to say, the lineup that performed at the Kia Forum was enough, looking at the utterly chaotic after-effects it created.


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The GROAT and its after-effects

Bridget Moynahan hinted at Gisele Bundchen being hurt, and Tom Brady openly confessed his kids were hurt. Even Nikki Glaser, who was the one to throw some burning jokes in Gisele Bundchen’s way, confessed that she would be hurt too were she in Gisele’s shoes.

I mean, I would be disappointed in me if I were Gisele as well,” Nikki Glaser confessed, which is why she referred to Bundchen as ex-wife instead of taking her name as she explained in her confession. “I said, ‘ex-wife’. I tried not to mention her name as much as possible, but he’s a part of her story,” Glaser said.


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But everything that was to be said and done was done. There was no going back. All that is left now is for Tom Brady to do the damage control. Per the statement released by Brady on the roast, he was thoroughly enjoying the jokes that were limited to him. He even “thought they were so fun.” The problem for him was how it affected his kids.

Brady, being the one who had faced some of the worst on-field pressures and learned from them, only had one lesson from the roast. “It’s a good lesson for me as a parent. I’m going to be a better parent as I go forward because of it,” Brady confessed. He also apologized to his ex-wife Bundchen.


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