“Rebuild My Body”: Tom Brady Shares Insights on Managing Mental Health Struggles Amidst Adversity

Published 05/14/2024, 12:34 PM EDT

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While Tom Brady had some of the highest highs in his career, his lowest lows were pretty tough, too. Brady has always been vocal about how the course of his life has affected his mental health and how he has been working with therapists for more than 25 years, something that has reaped him a lot of sweet things. One thing that he learned was to focus on one weak point per year to make his life better.

Brady confessed this in his recent interview with the Pivot Podcast, saying, I’m just doing my best to check in with myself as often as possible with my physical health. My mental health and emotional health is something that I’m working on every year. I think I start something a little bit different every year. I think this last year, I wanted to kind of rebuild my body because it got you know, I lost a lot of weight,”.

He also updated his fans about his goals this year and for the next year. “I think this year is like a lot of work stuff. Next year, I think I’m really going to settle into like a better, more sustainable rhythm to life,” he added.


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Tom Brady’s latest life developments reflect the efforts he has been putting in balancing his life and mental health like his massive contract with Fox News, or the even bigger deal for his mental health, the roast, which he went through with a huge smile on his face.


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All of this was a result of all the years he has put through to improve his mental health. But he hardly had anything to complain about since his motivation to improve himself stemmed from the bottom of his heart, from the people who were truly important to him.

Tom Brady’s motivation behind therapy

Tom Brady has taken more and more opportunities to talk about his mental health publicly and shun the taboos still related to it to honor and promote Mental Health Awareness Month. Earlier this month, Brady sat down for an interview with BetterHelp where he confessed his motivation behind all the changes he has brought in himself.


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“I want to be better, too. I want to be better for my friends and my family, for my children. My emotions are a very human part of me. And how I can develop emotional maturity. How I can learn from them so that I can quickly grow and adapt and wake up the next day a little bit better, than where I started. Therapy has made such a difference in my life,” Brady proudly admitted in the interview.

While Tom Brady has already constructed major patterns for himself and others like the TB12 method, or the things that he shares on his Instagram stories, the path toward his goal continues to be a process for him.


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