Terry Bradshaw Attests Travis Kelce ‘Bumped Accidentally’ on Andy Reid at Super Bowl LVIII: “Didn’t Push Him”

Published 02/23/2024, 6:30 AM EST

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The Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce’s altercation with Coach Andy Reid is still leading the conversation among fans and analysts. Recently, Terry Bradshaw made an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show where he put forward his take on the controversial scuffle.

The Chiefs took over the San Francisco 49ers at Las Vegas Allegiant Stadium on February 11, Sunday, winning their third Super Bowl trophy. However, it was the side altercation that became the focal point of discussion. 

Cameras did not lose a chance to capture the intense moment that directed Kelce to have an emotional outburst during the game’s second quarter. Unfortunately, the rage was directed at the 65-year-old, City Chiefs’ head coach when he took Kelce out of the game after Patrick Mahomes completed a long pass to Mecole Hardman.


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In a visually dramatic moment, the quarterback appeared to grab the coach’s arm and utter something in an aggressive tone to Reid. Appearing at the show, Bradshaw decoded the contentious exchange saying, And when Kelce went over Kelce didn’t push him. I think Kelce went over and accidentally bumped him. I don’t think he pushed him or anything. It was an accident but it looked bad on television”.

In the aftermath of Super Bowl LVIII questions arose about the dynamics between Reid and Kelce. However, later in an interview, Mahomes confirmed that the duo shares a connection that goes beyond the heated conversation. Kelce himself admitted that he went too far when he bumped into coach Andy Reid and screamed at him during the Super Bowl. Like Bradshaw, the former quarterback legend, Tom Brady dropped his verdict on the tussle. 


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Brady reflects on Kelce’s outburst

In the ‘Let’s Go’ podcast, Brady delved into the emotional moments like that of the Kelce-Reid scuffle drawing from his own experience. Expressing his understanding as to why Kelce behaved in such a manner, Brady claimed, “I don’t mind seeing it…cause I was a part of all of those.” Shedding light on the intensity of emotions in high-stakes situations on the field, his commentary brought back memories from Brady’s career.

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One notable moment takes us back to December 2011 when the then-New England Patriots’ quarterback got into an intense confrontation with offensive coordinator, Bill Belichick. The altercation eventually became so fierce that the head coach Bill Belichick had to intervene and separate the two. While reminiscing his own experience on the field, Brady took a moment to appreciate Reid’s role in handling the emotionally tense moment and praised the head coach’s ability to maintain composure.  

Hence, in a way, Bradshaw rallied Brady’s stance that the Kelce-Reid upheaval serves as a reminder of the emotional intensity that can unfold on the grand stage such as the Super Bowl. In high-stakes football, however, the responsibility relies on the ability to steer the teams through moments of tension.  


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