“The Chiefs Should Be Put on Notice”: Chargers HC Jim Harbaugh Receives AFC West Reality Check

Published 03/16/2024, 9:30 AM EDT

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Jim Harbaugh has found one of his greatest supporters who is none other than the sportswriter, Charean Williams. However, Williams also comes with a warning for all the teams who are in the race for the Super Bowl including Los Angeles Chargers and Jim Harbaugh.

The veteran writer is here to sprinkle some reality check on the Kansas City Chiefs for a special reason. Her stance on the current scenario in the NFL landscape opens Harbaugh to intense competition.  

Rising threat for the AFC West contenders


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Tracking Harbaugh’s brief coaching stints in the past, Williams raises questions about the longevity of his tenure with the Chargers. Amidst such uncertainty, she issued a bold warning for Kansas City Chiefs, the reigning AFC West champions. She asserted, “I think that’s the question is how long is Jim Harbaugh gonna stay with the Chargers? How long is this going to take and how long is he going to stay to do it that’s kind of been his history to move on after X number of years at wherever he’s been so. But I do think the Chiefs should be put on notice.” Since the Chiefs and Chargers are playing in the same division that is AFC West, hence Willaims raised this alarm. 

She further continued, “That you know there’s going to be a team that’s coming after you and gonna to be three of them eventually in that division that that are going to come after you”. With the two Super Bowl contenders, Denver Broncos and Chiefs in the race, along with Los Angeles Raiders. So apart from the Chiefs, this has been a premonition for Harbaugh and the Chargers about how challenging the path to the Super Bowl will turn out to be. Meanwhile, Harbaugh himself stands as his competition, particularly after his successful stint with the Michigan Wolverines before joining the Chargers squad. 

Harbaugh’s conquest of the championship


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Right during his introductory press conference, Harbaugh confidently asserted the need to restructure the Chargers’ coaching roster. In his speech, he mentioned his aim, “Getting this staff, putting this staff together. We want an all-star staff that’s worthy to coach our players.” As promised, the coach has made multiple changes, by recruiting the offensive coordinator Greg Roman, defensive coordinator, Jesse Minter and special teams coordinator, Ryan Ficken to guide the Chargers on the right path.

He has also stepped beyond the coaching roster to revamp the players’ setup. Harbaugh has adjusted the lineup by adding tight end, Hayden Trust aiming to bolster their offensive line and contend in the AFC West. Complementing Hurst’s depth and versatility, the Chargers’ new HC signed former Seattle Seahawks player, Will Dissly.


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Now that Jim Harbaugh has chosen to proceed forward leading the Chargers to success, he has to prove himself all over again. Being in the midst of external competition from other teams like the Chiefs and Broncos, Harbaugh has to outperform his Wolverines’ record to ensure success for the Chargers. It is now to be seen how effectively the coaching maestro manages to guide the program through intense competition.  


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