Deion Sanders May Be Trolled for Geography Knowledge Post “Mount Rushmore” Error but Coach Prime’s Educational Journey Is Inspirational

Published 11/22/2023, 1:23 PM EST

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Deion Sanders getting trolled is not a new concept for fans. However, Deion Sanders getting trolled for something outside of football, that’s something fans did not hear before the Colorado Buffs’ post-game conference after their awful loss against Washington State. The Washington State came in with an even worse record with six subsequent losses hanging around their neck. However, now the Buffs are nearing the embarrassing loss streak, as they are already on 5, by facing the 56-14 score.
However, the loss was not the only embarrassing thing for Deion Sanders at the press conference, as was his geography mishap. Yet, being the Coach Prime, he knows how to deal with any embarrassing situation, spinning it around to make it favorable for him instead.


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Deion Sanders got ‘Mount Rushmore’ wrong

After the tough losses, Coach Prime gave something to his fans to have a hearty laugh about. He fumbled up the location of the carved memorial at Mount Rushmore, which is located in South Dakota. “What’s those little foreheads that’s in California?” asked Sanders. “What they call those people faces engraved?” When a reporter chipped in the name and location, Sanders’s reaction was hilarious. “Come on man, I thought it was, in LA. All this time, wow! My geography. That’s the Hollywood thing.” Apparently, Sanders mixed up the Hollywood Sign with the face carvings of the four of the most popular Prime Ministers of the USA.


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Even though Deion Sanders apologized for the small mistake and had a laugh with the reporters, some fans were unable to enjoy it as an innocent mistake. As a result of which, Coach Prime was trolled for a basic geography error. Seems that these fans are not aware of the sheer dedication Coach Prime has shown towards his education.


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Deion Sanders won hearts, again

Deion Sanders joined Florida State in the late 1980s. But he had to leave his education stranded for the Atlanta Falcons. However, not letting any odds in his life define him, Deion Sanders, after 30 years of fighting back, finally gave his graduation speech to the batch of 2020 at Talladega College.

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Even though one of his sons might have graduated before him, and even though one of his sons might be in college like him, Coach Prime took nothing into account. Hence, even after all the criticism and trolls, now the critics know why Sanders keeps shining among them. He owes it to his years and hard work and irreparably inspiring journey.

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