“What Are You Wearing?”: Deion Sanders Mocks Travis Hunter

Published 02/24/2024, 7:11 AM EST

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Colorado CB/WR Travis Hunter’s Instagram post where he displayed his new stress-releasing equipment – The Saunabox, caught the attention of Coach Primе. However, it wasn’t the unboxing of the product that Deion Sanders talked about. Instead, he hilariously called out Hunter for the pair of PJs with printed teddy bears he was wearing in the video.

Sanders, known for his competitive spirit, made a playful yet pointed statement in response to Hunter’s recent endorsement collaboration with a travel-friendly sauna brand. In a video shared on Instagram, Hunter unboxed the package sent by Sauna Box and expressed his gratitude for its role in his post-practice recovery and relaxation routine.

However, Sanders seized the opportunity, questioning Hunter’s dressing sense before diverting the attention from saunas to fishing, a shared passion between the two athletes.“What are you wearing? Lord please whisper to Travis and tell him he can’t beat me fishing,” Sanders quipped in Hunter’s comment section, setting the stage for another showdown on the waters.


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This is not the first time Travis and Coach Prime’s fishing battle has reached social media. Last December, during the festive season, Coach Prime and Hunter bonded over fishing escapades at Sanders’ picturesque Lake Prime.

When Hunter’s fishing skills surprised Coach Prime


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Hunter’s angling skills were put to the test during the Christmas festivities as he reeled in a monstrous Largemouth Bass from Lake Prime, eliciting an exuberant reaction from Coach Prime himself. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh and Lord Jesus! exclaimed Sanders on Instagram and wrote “Caught a monster out of Lake Prime! Oh my God!” in the caption. The fish weighed over 10 pounds and the catch by Hunter was his second in the day. He had reeled in a five-pounder earlier in the day, proclaiming himself the “Fishing God.”


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Before their fishing adventure, Sanders had shared footage of Hunter’s live fishing excursion on his Instagram teasingly questioning Hunter’s belief in his ability to outfish the seasoned pro. In his post, Sanders wrote, “Really thinks he [Hunter] can beat me fishing. I am trying to be a good host, but tomorrow it is on!”


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However, Coach Prime remains undeterred by Hunter’s impressive feat, as evident in his playful taunts on social media. This time he took a dig at his choice of PJs and sent a message to Hunter about his fishing prowess.

Now, with Coach Prime once again throwing down the fishing gauntlet, the stage is set for another showdown between mentor and mentee. Will Coach Prime reign supreme or will the young WR be fired up by the coach’s recent jibe and put one over him?


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