“I Got a Mom”: Shedeur Sanders Leaves Coach Prime at a Loss for Words by Mentioning Ex-wife Pilar in Banter

Published 12/09/2023, 2:41 PM EST

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The festive season is fast approaching. The Sanders family is finally heading toward happier times after what was a disappointing finish to the season. After a six-game losing streak and an injured starting quarterback in Shedeur who was sidelined for the first time since high school, Deion admitted, “It wasn’t easy.” But life beyond the field finally has some respite. While Coach Prime is always focused on his kids and wants to spirit them away for the holidays this year, son Shedeur had some other things planned.

In a recent video shared on Sanders Jr.’s YT channel Well Off Media, Deion and Shedeur can be seen bantering with each other over various things, including their holiday plans. Shedeur suggested he wanted to go somewhere for New Year, and Prime immediately jumped on the opportunity to turn it into a father-son bonding moment. But, it was not meant to be as the Buffs QB turned him down with a sarcastic comment.

Shedeur turns down Deion Sanders’ holiday plans for Pilar


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When asking his son about his holiday plans, with high expectations of spending some time together with family, Deion Sanders engaged in a back-and-forth banter with Shedeur Sanders. “I’m saying if y’all want to we go somewhere for Christmas or New Year like what y’all want to do,” suggested Coach Prime.


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With a list of exotic places on his mind, Coach Prime showered his son with options like the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Mexico, or Cabo. But Shedeur had family plans, as he asserted, “I have a family. I got a mom and a little sister,” implying that he would be spending the festive season with his mom, Pilar, and sister, Shelomi.

Coach Prime tried to unsuccessfully change Shedeur’s mind by saying, “She ain’t got nothing to do with y’all. She going to be playing. Don’t you think I check her schedule?”. He was referring to Shedeur’s sister, Shelomi Sanders. Shedeur shrugged it off.


A family holiday seems to make sense, too, as Shedeur still hasn’t healed from his back fracture. He picked up this injury right before the season-ending game against Utah. We will soon know if the holiday materializes.

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Family holidays aside, Coach Prime also has one eye on improving his team’s fortunes in the next season. After a 23-17 loss at Utah, Coach Prime admitted, “We getting ready to start cookin’. We getting ready to start go pick up that grocery and make sure we do it right.” As it turns out, things are already in motion.


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Is Coach Prime using his 85-scholarship limit well?

It certainly looks like he is. Deion has exhausted only 77 scholarships this season and has a handful of 8 ones left. Hires like five-star recruit Jordan Seatons, former UConn center Yakiri Walker, former Houston guard Tyler Johnson, and former North Carolina State receiver Terrell Timmons Jr. have made the Buffs look like a better team already. But was Colorado’s slide the only reason for Coach Prime to crank up the transfer portal? Apparently not.

11 spots opened up for Coach Prime to mine the best talents to bolster the Buffs roaster for the next season. Out of the 11 scholarship players who were in their final years of eligibility this season, two graduates in receiver Xavier Weaver and safety Rodrick Ward were deemed as top contributors.


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So, when Deion said, “You know what we need. Everybody know what we need. You know dern well what we need, so we gonna get it,” he wasn’t lying. Much is to be reviewed and considered before the next season starts.

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