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Deiondra Sanders is just 32 years of age but she had gone through the rigors of parenthood long before she became an expectant mother. Already having endured four myomectomy surgeries, Deiondra had her signature moment when she said, “I’m not having my baby to keep a man. I am having my baby for all the times I was told I wouldn’t be able to.” So, when the time came for her to flaunt her baby bump at the gender reveal party at their Atlanta residence, she didn’t back down a tad… something that is quite evident as she heartily confessed to spamming her followers with a series of photo dumps since May 18.

Although she promises this to be the last post of her gender reveal party, her fans are anyway hooked. Even though her half-brothers could not be spotted during the big day celebrations, she has come up with a new name for how her baby boy may acknowledge his uncle in the future. Deiondra Sanders was spotted all smiles flaunting her baby bump in a two-piece, multi-colored, tie-dye set. Being aware of the fact that this would be the sixth photo dump, she captioned,

“I’m almost done posting y’all I swear! I just was so happy and love all my photos. lol.”


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As she poses a victory sign, she finds one of her biggest supporters, Brother Deion Jr. by her side. He was all geared up with his patent weapon, and a camera while looking dapper wearing his favorite “W” bling chain. The “W” is believed to stand for Well Off Media, their YouTube channel. In fact, in October last year, Deiondra was seen fangirling over the necklace when she posted an IG story saying, “Daaaaang…. Im just tryna be like my brothers when I grow up lol.” While sharing gratitude with her sibling, Deiondra gave a new title to Deion Jr. The caption read, “Love you Uncle OSSACIN.”

The word “Ossacin” has a special reference here, as Deion Jr. uses it as his middle name. Also, his musical album shares the same name.

Based on a dynamite theme, Deiondra’s 30-year-old boyfriend and R&B singer Jacquees pushed down a fake TNT plunger, and blue smoke diffusing into the air confirmed that they were going to have a baby boy. The Well Off Media YouTube clip also records behind-the-scene moments from that day which saw Deiondra assigning her boyfriend to come up with the baby’s name. It looks like they have arrived at a decision, but Deiondra wanted to wait until the gender reveal was over. She is yet to reveal the name but here’s how she felt about the suggested name,

It’s only one name that he did mention that I actually really like, and it’s unisex. I said I was going to wait until I know the gender to start picking names. But the one that he did mention—I actually really like that.”


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While Deion Jr. gets all the attention, Shilo and Shedeur cannot be spotted during the grand celebration.   

Deiondra’s consistent praise for half-brothers’ milestones 

Even though Shedeur and Shilo are half-brothers to Deiondra, Deion Sanders’ daughter never treated them any differently. For every milestone that Shedeur hit personally or professionally, Deiondra was the first one to show her support on social media. From celebrating the quarterback becoming the first owner of the Cyber-truck in Colorado to Shedeur experimenting with his new looks, Deiondra shared her notes of appreciation. 


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The same can be applied to Shilo. When the Buffs safety enjoyed his offseason in the wild and posted a dapper look on Instagram, Deiondra re-shared the post on her Instagram story with the caption “Big Shilo.” However, the Sanders brothers, except for Deion Jr. have maintained a silent stance as they were not seen sharing any good wishes or praise on their sister’s pregnancy journey. While they kept themselves away from engaging with Deiondra’s social media on her special day, they were very well present, celebrating Travis Hunter’s birthday gift on Instagram.

Even though the real reason behind Shilo and Shedeur not taking part in Deiondra’s gender reveal party is yet to be known, Deion Jr. has taken up the role to fill in the gap left by their absence… could be early signs of who might be the favorite uncle of Deiondra-Jacquees Jr.