Michigan Wolverines Pivot to Plan B Amidst the Unfolding Legal Drama Surrounding Jim Harbaugh

Published 11/11/2023, 11:17 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

The ‘Bet‘ posts from the Michigan Wolverines’ players have taken the internet by storm, so much so that even Tom Brady chipped in to forward the post. This rally of ‘bets’ is a means of standing unanimously against the false sign-stealing allegations, and a slang expression for accepting the challenge of proving themselves once again, this time without Jim Harbaugh.

After a few weeks of investigation, the Big Ten rolled out the initial punishment on Friday, suspending Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh for the rest of the season. The Wolverines were quick to undertake an immediate response. Following this, the university requested a motion for a temporary restraining order for Saturday’s pivotal game against Penn State. However, in Coach Harbaugh’s absence, the team may be guided by their Plan ‘B’.

OC Sherrone Moore to be acting head coach


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However, the motion has not been granted yet. As a result, Boulder decided to swivel to their Plan B. If the request is not granted before the game, the offensive coordinator of the team, Sherrone Moore, will serve as the team’s acting head coach. Well, the historical rivalry against Penn State makes this a vital game for Michigan.

Moreover, a change in the head coach position when the season is just on the cusp of conclusion might go either way for the boys. As of now, Harbaugh is allowed at practices and other activities. However, his presence at the game venue is strictly prohibited. The Wolverines have maintained an untainted record for the season. If that goes down today, it might leave a bad impact on the deciding game against the upcoming all-important clash against the No. 3 Ohio State.


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Jim Harbaugh will coach if the Wolverines win the division

With coach Harbaugh out of the picture, it all boils down to the players and Moore’s calls during the game. Following this, the Michigan Wolverines will face their arch-rivals, Ohio State, after two weeks. The game is a major deciding factor of the season, as it will decide which team will be crowned the Big Ten Champion of the current season.

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The Ohio State, ranked just a spot above the Wolverines, at the 1st position in the Big Ten table, is also on an untainted record this season. Hence, the completion between the two will be a cutting-edge call, one that the whole of the college football community is highly awaiting. However, before the ultimate challenge, Michigan would have to win their upcoming test against the Nittany Lions, which will also be one of the toughest in the season for them.

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