Antonio Brown’s Love-Hate Relationship With Caitlin Clark Continues as He Praises WNBA Sensation Hours After Dissing Her

Published 05/15/2024, 12:48 PM EDT

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The Antonio Brown dystopia continues! The back-and-forth between Clark And Brown has slowly gained the status of the best dissing on the internet, as the mood swings of Brown lead the fans and even Clark on the verge of insanity. Getting blocked by Clark hardly ever stopped Brown from passing comments on her, be it positive or negative.

What started with a very toxic series of tweets by AB now also has some praise-bombing Clark. Brown’s latest one belonged to the latter category.Congrats to @CaitlinClark22 on her 1st WNBA game,” proudly wrote Brown, referencing her first game. Although the Indiana Fever fell 92-71 to the Connecticut Sun, it was hardly anything that could stop Brown from praising Clark.


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Brown’s admiration for Clark does not waver despite her taking her sweet rookie time to adjust to the WNBA. Although Clark finished with 20 points, the rookie Fever just got 5-of-15 from the field. That was not what surprised the fans more, Brown praising Clark after a losing game. Far from it, rather.

It was just hours before this that AB had tweeted a tweet shamelessly trolling Clark. Tracing back to the tweet that started it all out, the infamous “keeps it hairy” one that got Brown into the obsession of trolling Clark. Repeating his reference to the tweet, Brown put his meme-making skills to use as he edited a plane with some hair.


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The meme was shared as a reply to a tweet stating, “The Indiana Fever are on their first charter flight of the season as part of the WNBA’s new league-wide program.” This tweet came after Brown rolled out some truly positive words for Clark when he was in his ‘praise Clark’ mood.

Antonio Brown’s speaks well of Clark


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It was during his appearance on Jason Whitlock’s ‘Fearless’ that Antonio Brown decided it was time to praise Caitlin Clark in real-time. “Caitlin Clark, we love you, there’s no drama here. I’m excited about what you are gonna do for women’s basketball. You’re an amazing player. I love to watch your game. You bring a lot of excitement and energy. Never mind CTESPN. We’d love to have you and talk and express what you’re dealing with,” Brown confessed, almost seeming empathetic with Clark.

In the same interview, Brown also gave a special shoutout to another WNBA sensation, Angel Reese. The Bayou Barbie was a common favorite of both Jason Whitlock and Antonio Brown. “She’s a baddie. Shoutout to Angel Reese,” Brown said, while also slipping in a request to pamper him with the lavish earnings Reese had been making through her NIL deals and WNBA signing. Seems like fans will just have to wait and see what AB’s next move is going to be.


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