Aaron Rodgers Dives into Dating Pool Rumors, Years After Moving Past Olivia Munn And $12 Million Actress

Published 05/28/2023, 8:36 AM EDT

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Aaron Rodgers has always been very open about who he has been romantically involved with. From models to actresses, he has dated women from different walks of life. There have been various social media posts, confessions during podcasts, and even public appearances. In terms of being romantically linked to Hollywood stars, Rodgers has dated New Girl guest star, Olivia Munn, among others.

While Olivia Munn and Rodgers dated almost a decade ago, their story has been one filled with controversies. Even while dating the $12 million worth of Shailene Woodley, the duos’ careers and a pandemic seemed to have caused problems. However, it seems like A-Rod has left behind the rumors of Hollywood and has made an appearance in speculations connecting to the music business.

Is Aaron Rodgers more than just a Taylor Swift fanboy?


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Rodgers has made it clear that he is a huge Taylor Swift fan. A few days before her concert at MetLife Stadium, the New York Jets‘ social media posted a video showcasing the numerous Swifties in the Jets’ team. Rodgers revealed that he himself was a huge fan of that post. In addition to that, Rodgers also revealed his love for Swift’s music on Mad Dog Sports Radio, revealing his favorite song, album, and music video. To top off his show of excitement, Rodgers went on to put up the lively scene of the concert on his Instagram Story, even revealing that he was there with Top Gun: Maverick star Miles Teller.

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As Rodgers himself took to social media to reveal his experience of the Taylor Swift concert, fans caught a video of him in MetLife Stadium as well. As he made his first official appearance at the MetLife Stadium as a Jet, fans went berserk. They took to Twitter to react to his presence at the pop star’s concert.

Fans ship yet another NFL legend with Taylor Swift

This is not the first time Taylor Swift has been attached to an NFL player. In fact, there have been rumors of her being involved with Tom Brady as well. However, after Rodgers made an appearance, fans began speculating about A-Rod and Swift. One fan mentioned how it’s just a matter of time before Rodgers and Taylor get together.

Another fan spoke about how they will put up a tribute for the QB if the two start dating.

Fans were also surprised by Rodgers’ dating history.

However, one fan was very proud to see Rodgers at a Taylor Swift concert.


Finally, one fan referenced one of Swift’s old songs after seeing Rodgers appear at her concert.


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All in all, fans were convinced that Rodgers might be dating Taylor Swift and continued to voice their thoughts on the rumor.


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While Rodgers has declared his love for Taylor’s music, there have been no concrete indications of there being a relationship between the two. It only remains to be seen if there is anything going on between the singer and A-Rod.

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