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Aditya Rajput

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Aditya Rajput is a prime-time NFL writer at EssentiallySports, bringing his unique perspective to the world of football. With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Advertising from a prestigious university, Rajput uses his expertise in human behavior and decision-making to provide insightful analysis of the motivations and strategies of NFL athletes. Rajput is a passionate sports enthusiast who is particularly drawn to the legacy of Tom Brady, whom he considers to be the greatest quarterback in history. His writing has been widely read and highly regarded, with his recent article "Explaining the Mindset of Tom Brady: The GOAT's Secret to Success" garnering over 100k views. In addition to his love of football, Rajput is a skilled basketball player and a talented chef. His piece, “$7 Million Worth OJ Simpson Receives a Hefty Monthly Pension From NFL” piqued the interest of more than 65k readers. On the other hand, when it comes to supporting his favorite team, Rajput roots for Brady's Super Bowl kryptonite, New York Giants. In his free time, Rajput loves to cook some great shots in basketball and some good dishes in the kitchen.