“Ain’t No Way”: Former QB Completely Rejects Bizarre Trade Package for Aaron Rodgers

Published 03/17/2023, 3:33 PM EDT

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The NFL world has been abuzz with what Aaron Rodgers is doing with his future. However, A-Rod made it clear that he wants to continue his career with New York Jets. So, armed with this new knowledge, analysts and the rumor mill of the league have begun speculating what will be the cost of such a trade between Green Bay Packers and New York Jets. While the Packers have made some of their wants clear, a lot of it has been left to the imagination of analysts.

Some famous analysts have made some interesting claims about what the Jets should be willing to give up for Rodgers. However, after an extreme suggestion for the trade, a famous ex-QB completely rejected what some prominent analysts have suggested. Furthermore, he even offered an even more enticing alternative for the Jets.

How much is Aaron Rodgers worth to New York Jets?


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While Rodgers has undoubtedly been one of the best quarterbacks in the league, he might be reaching his career’s twilight years. At the age of 39, Rodgers is one of the oldest active quarterbacks. Keeping this in mind, one might wonder how much the Jets should be giving away for him. Interestingly, analysts like Stephen A Smith think that the Jets should be willing to give up two different first-round picks for Rodgers. However, ex-QB and Pro Bowler, Robert Griffin III doesn’t agree. He took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the hefty price that Smith had suggested for Rodgers.

Griffin went on to mention that the suggested price would be too much for a player like Rodgers who might be retiring after a year or two. Furthermore, he also suggested an interesting alternative.

Griffin suggested that the Jets would be better off pursuing someone like Lamar Jackson if they’re willing to give 2 first-round picks. Furthermore, there were some interesting reactions from fans after RG3 mentioned his controversial take.

Fans showcase their opinions on the hefty pay Rodgers might garner

There were conflicting opinions about what exactly should be the price for a QB like Rodgers. One fan thought that RG3 was absolutely right about the return on investment.

Furthermore, one fan spoke about the lack of leverage the Packers have.

There were also comments about how volatile Rodgers might be in terms of his future.

Additionally, fans joked about RB3’s endorsement of Jackson.

However, some fans mentioned the issues Jackson currently has in terms of career longevity.

Finally, one fan mentioned his endorsement of Rodgers.


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All in all, fans had some conflicting opinions in terms of who the Jets should chase. However, realistically speaking, the Jets are more likely to go after Rodgers, given his GOAT-like resume.


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While the Packers are yet to make their exact request for Rodgers clear, the Jets might be prepared to make a hefty offer for A-Rod. However, only time will tell how far the Jets are willing to go for a quarterback like Rodgers.

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