The Pro Bowl game happened recently. In the new format of flag football, the Pro Bowl featured some of the best players from across the league. One of them was the brilliant defensive end from the Cleveland Browns. He has always been a dominant player, despite all kinds of injuries. Which is why it was shocking for the fans to see the defensive end go out of the Pro Bowl Game.

Reporter and NFL insider, Dov Kleiman reported an injury that occurred during the flag football format of the Pro Bowl. Furthermore, fans had a disappointing experience watching the newly made format of the Pro Bowl.

Bad luck strikes the Cleveland Browns


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It seems like the Cleveland Browns cannot catch a break. The team has suffered injury after injury and it seems like the Pro Bowl is a repeat of this. The Browns’ star defensive end, the one who has survived car crashes, had to leave the game due to a dislocated toe. Fans were stunned by the way the defensive end was leaving the field.

There were several different comments on the Twitter post that mocked the injury as well as the defensive end. One fan spoke about it being scripted.

Another fan spoke about how the Browns always seem to have a problem.

Furthermore, fans mocked the Cleveland team as well.

Additionally, fans made fun of Garrett for his behavior.

Furthermore, there were fans who did not believe it at all.

Finally, there were fans who did not like the concept of these games at all.

It seems like there were fans who were not very happy with the league for the changes it has made. Fans have expressed their discontent with the way the Pro Bowl functioned this year.

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Interestingly, the NFL was trying to avoid this very problem with the idea of flag football. However, it seems like it backfired on the league.


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The wrong call for the Pro Bowl by the NFL

The NFL had decided to change up the Pro Bowl to a game of flag football. The league came to such a conclusion after realizing the severity of injuries the offensive players like quarterbacks and wide receivers suffer. These injuries inadvertently end up hampering their teams’ capabilities during the regular season. However, it seems like this eagerness to prevent injuries has backfired with star players getting hurt either way.

USA Today via Reuters

It seems like the defensive end had to limp off the field during the flag football game of the Pro Bowl. While the injury might be a minor one, it remains to be seen how fast and well the star defensive end will recover.


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