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49ers HC Kyle Shanahan Sounds Bitter on Jimmy Garoppolo After Raiders Move

Published 03/30/2023, 1:41 PM EDT

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The San Francisco 49ers had a quarterback surplus problem. They had their youngster, Brock Purdy, the reliable Trey Lance, and the veteran  Jimmy Garoppolo. However, in a curious turn of events, the 49ers parted with their quarterback of 6 long years. Jimmy G has left the coast and joined the team at Sin City. However, there seems like there is some separation and sadness between the coaching staff and the old quarterback. An interesting statement from Jimmy G’s old coach, Kyle Shanahan went viral on Twitter.

The old coach from the 49ers, Kyle Shanahan went on to make an interesting comment about the way the quarterback keeps in touch. Furthermore, he mentioned how since the trade, he hasn’t been able to get in touch with his old colleague.

Is there bad blood between Jimmy Garoppolo and his old team?


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The end of the relationship between the 49ers and Jimmy G seemed like it might have been a little sour. The league’s rumor mill went on to speculate on how the end of the 49ers-Jimmy G relationship might not have been as amicable as it was made out to be. Furthermore, this rumor seems to be gaining more traction after Shanahan’s recent statement. He spoke about how he wasn’t able to get in touch with Jimmy G after he left for the Raiders.

The coach spoke about how Jimmy G is not someone he can run into to talk to and they haven’t spoken since he moved. Interestingly, they’ve been a duo for the 49ers for years before he left.


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Furthermore, fans went on to comment on the way Shanahan was complaining about his former player. They primarily focused on mocking him for his comments.

Fans ridicule Kyle Shanahan’s complaint

Fans mocked the way the coach was acting. One fan spoke about how it would be absurd for Jimmy G to talk to his old coach.

Furthermore, there were comments about the coaching staff’s actions that might have hurt Jimmy G.

There were also comments about how the coaching staff deserved this.

Some comments spoke about how the coach might have made the statement in jest.

Finally, some fans wondered why Jimmy G was still being brought up.


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Fans were just mocking the quarterback’s old coach for his statement and what it signified. They did not seem to think that the coach might have been joking and assumed he was being serious.


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While there was no indication that the coach was serious, people assumed he was. It only remains to be seen if Jimmy G can respond to his old coach and speak about it.

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