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“Get It Done”: Jalen Hurts And Patrick Mahomes Elevate Super Bowl Stakes as NFL Veteran Acknowledges Black QB History

Published 01/31/2023, 2:30 PM EST

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Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts have both made it to the Super Bowl. Their greatness as quarterbacks is obviously unparalleled, but they are making history with this Super Bowl. Jalen Hurts overcame the NFC’s powerful stalwarts, while Mahomes overcame injuries and the greats like Tom Brady. However, their feat is so historic, that even NFL veterans are acknowledging their greatness.

NFL veteran Robert Griffin III took to Twitter to acknowledge the greatness of the two QBs. Furthermore, the tweet garnered some controversial reactions from fans as he touched upon a pertinent social issue.

Fans react to RG3’s tweet about Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts’ feat


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This Super Bowl between the Chiefs and the Eagles has become even more special as it has now become the first Super Bowl with 2 black quarterbacks on both sides. Previously, at least one of the quarterbacks on both sides of the Super Bowl has been white. RG3 tweeted his opinions on this and exclaimed his pride as well as made a radical point with this.

Griffin put out what has now become a controversial tweet about race in the NFL. His tweet definitely shook some trees as fans had very varied reactions to it.


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Fans went off on RG3’s tweet. The reactions showcased very different emotions. One fan spoke about how they just saw two quarterbacks without looking at a racial angle.

However, a fan wholeheartedly agreed with the point RG3 was making.

Furthermore, fans were confused about Mahomes’ ethnicity.

Additionally, there were fans who admitted to a correction of their own opinions.

Fans just showcased their excitement for the Super Bowl.

Furthermore, fans believed that Mahomes and Hurts playing proved an important point.

Ultimately, fans shared their complex views on the issue and did not shy away from replying to the refreshing honesty coming from an NFL player. However, the fans agreed on one thing: the greatness of Mahomes and Hurts as QBs.


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Total dominance by Mahomes and Hurts

It seems like both the Super Bowl QBs had an amazing season. Hurts played 15 games and accumulated 3701 yards and 22 touchdowns. Meanwhile, Mahomes has played 17 games in the regular season and has thrown for a whopping 5,250 yards and a smashing record of 41 touchdowns. Both QBs have undoubtedly made it clear that they fully deserve to compete for the Lombardi trophy.

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Mahomes and Hurts have made history by simply making it to the Super Bowl. While fans seem to have differing opinions on this feat, their greatness as quarterbacks is completely undisputed. However, only time will tell who among the two proves to be a better quarterback.


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