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“He’s Part of the Problem”: Lamar Jackson’s Critical Situation Attracts Massive Spotlight Amidst Ravens Playoff Loss

Published 01/16/2023, 1:30 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

The Baltimore Ravens‘ playoff dreams were cut short very abruptly. They suffered a crushing defeat against the Bengals in the wild-card round. The Ravens’ fans are obviously angry and disappointed and it seems like they have found a scapegoat for their anger. The fans took to Twitter to absolutely condemn Lamar Jackson for missing the game.

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Jackson has been injured for a while now. With his knee injury, Jackson has been out from the game. However, the Ravens’ main QB did not bother showing up for the game against the Bengals. He did not come out to show his support and the fans are not happy. Their reactions on Twitter seemed like a manifestation of unadulterated disappointment and anger.

Fans’ salt on Lamar Jackson and his injuries


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The fans did not hold back when Jackson missed out on the wild card game. Even though he was injured, Jackson could have appeared to show his support for his brothers on the field. Fans were very miffed with Jackson’s behavior. The depressing loss against the Cincinnati Bengals only made matters worse.

The NFL fans had begun showing their displeasure with Jackson even before the game against the Bengals. However, the loss definitely made it worse. One fan appreciated Jackson’s honesty about his injury but does not want him on the field.


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Furthermore, there were fans who believe Jackson is a part of the problem in Baltimore.

Furthermore, some fans questioned why Jackson isn’t being a team player.

There were also some calls for Jackson to go to another team.

There were some sincere requests from fans for Jackson to come and play.

However, a lot of the fans were very hostile to their expectations of Jackson.

There were also harsh digs at Jackson’s work ethic after his injury.

Fans were very obviously angry with their QB and his seeming lack of care for the crucial playoff game. However, there might be more to the eye for Jackson missing the game and it might not be just his injury. It seems like the QB might have had some trouble with the front office regarding his contract.


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Chasing the Lombardi or chasing the bag?

There might be a chance that Jackson had other things than the ultimate dream of the Super Bowl in his mind. Throughout the season, the status of Jackson’s contract has been frustratingly ambiguous. As a player in the last year of his rookie year, Jackson is severely underpaid for the effort he has put in for the Ravens. There is speculation that he sat out due to his underpaid contract, and fans have suggested this in the past. Fans themselves have felt in the past that Jackson might need to take some extreme measures to get his money’s worth. If he really has listened, then this seems very extreme a measure.


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While the disappointing loss was one that was unexpected, it could have been easily avoided with Jackson’s presence. It only remains to be seen how the management and the QB himself will act after such a disappointing end.

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