Inspiring Story of Jalen Hurts’ Super Agent Comes Out on Brink of $50,000,000 Extension Rumors

Published 04/07/2023, 1:58 PM EDT

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This year’s Super Bowl had some special players on both sides. There was obviously the winning quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. He showcased some exemplary skills, even with an injured ankle. Furthermore, the Philadephia Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts, was also exceptional in his play. He showcased exemplary skill and missed the mark to win a Super Bowl by a very small margin. He cemented his name as one of the top QBs in the league, the moment he became a young QB competing in the Super Bowl. However, his journey did not just include him. The quarterback had a lot of support from someone who was making sure that Hurts would get what he deserves.

One of the biggest supporters Hurts has is his sports agent, Nicole Lynn. She has been crucial in ensuring that the young QB is able to get the kind of deals he deserves, not just from a team contract point of view but also various endorsements. Furthermore, she herself has an inspiring story of rising to the top.

The inspiring story of Jalen Hurts and his super-agent


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While the Philly QB has been a beloved figure for the city, a lot of his success came from the support he received from his agent. In the sports world, the agent plays almost as big a role as the athlete themselves. They are responsible for getting their athlete-clients good contracts, brand deals and endorsements, and other money-making deals. In the case of Hurts, he has had a trailblazer for an agent. His agent has been an amazing beacon in the sporting world for him. His agent, Nicole Lynn has gone on to prove all the naysayers wrong. She was told multiple times that she won’t be able to make it in the world of being a sports agent.


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However, Nicole was able to make a name for herself as well as get Hurts the kind of deals that led him to a Super Bowl finals. The two are a perfect team with a lot in common. Just like Hurts, she is from Houston and she attended law school at Oklahoma University. Similarly, Hurts played for Oklahoma. Furthermore, the agent is on track to get Hurts a huge payout deal that might rival Mahomes’ deal.

The huge possible payout Hurts might get


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The quarterback is expected to get a huge payout deal after his performance in the last season. The quarterback has certainly earned himself a deal that is comparable to some of the other greats in the league right now. Hurts has proven himself by leading his team to the Super Bowl. As per CBS News, the projected contract Hurts might be up for is $265.3 million for 6 years.

USA Today via Reuters

This will put his deal all the way up with deals as lucrative as Aaron Rodgers’ and Patrick Mahomes’ contracts. This would mean that the average annual value of his contract would be $44.2 million. Furthermore, this would be a contract that his super agent would help him get.


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Hurts has proven himself to be one of the best quarterbacks playing in the league right now. Furthermore, with his agent by his side, a huge contract that pays him well and keeps him in Philly is not out of question. It only remains to be seen what the super agent and the QB are able to do together.

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