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“It’s to expand the value of the franchise” – Jason Wright Clarifies His Role As Washington Football Team President

“It’s to expand the value of the franchise” – Jason Wright Clarifies His Role As Washington Football Team President

It’s been a rough couple of months for Dan Snyder-owned Washington Football Team. There have been some massive changes that have taken place behind the scenes in DC over the last two months. The team was hit by major sexual harassment allegations against senior officials as per a report published by Washington Post.

However, Snyder and his team of executives have somehow managed to weather the storm in recent weeks. The appointment of former NFL player Jason Wright as team president is part of their ‘rebranding’ drive. Wright played for Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons in the past. Upon his appointment, Wright became the first black individual to be appointed as an NFL team president.

Here’s what Wright had to say regarding his appointment and his equation with Washington Football Team head coach, Ron Rivera.

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Washington Football Team’s new director optimistic about 2020 season

Jason Wright has arrived in Washington amidst a wave of uncertainty. Here’s what he had to say regarding the role he and head coach Ron Rivera will play in the resurgence of the franchise.

“Coach Rivera oversees football operations, everything from who the players are on the field to the strategy on Sunday, who sits in the personnel department, who takes care of our players from a health standpoint, he oversees all of that and he reports directly to the ownership.

“I report directly to the ownership and oversee the business operations. If you think about his mandate, it’s to get wins on the field. My mandate is to expand the value of the franchise,” Wright said in an interaction with GMFB.

Obviously, the Washington Football Team is clearly not one of the top teams to make the NFL playoffs this season. But the future may be bright for Ron Rivera and Jason Wright as they aim to turn things around in the American capital.

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