The off-season brings about a lot of interesting news. Some of it is obviously related to the trades and drafts. However, some interesting developments take place in players’ personal lives as well. One such prime example is the life of Chicago Bears quarterback, Justin Fields. He was recently rumored to be dating a new Instagram model. Apart from these rumors, the QB has also fulfilled a new achievement in his academic life.

While he has been receiving some hate from fans, Fields happily celebrated his graduation from university. A post depicting his graduation went viral all over Instagram. It received a lot of mixed reactions from fans.

Justin Fields hits a beautiful milestone


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During the off-season, it seems like Fields has renewed his commitment to education. The quarterback ensured that he would complete his required credits to get his college diploma. He has graduated with the class of 2023 and officially completed college.


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Fields went on to finish his under graduation and majored in consumer and family financial services.

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As the news of his graduation went viral, there were mixed reactions from fans. While some were very happy for the QB, there were some who did mock him.

Fans go crazy over Fields’ latest achievement

There were some interesting reactions from fans about Fields’ latest achievement. One fan mentioned how Fields can focus fully on football now and said, “Now that he’s fully focused on football y’all done for.”

However, one fan congratulated the QB for his achievement and said, “Congratulations, Justin! Much love from one alum to another.”

Interestingly, one fan mentioned how he thought that Fields attended a different university and said, “Swear I thought bro went to Georgia.”

There were more congratulatory messages from him, ” Congratulations Justin. Keep up the GOOD WORK.”


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However, one fan mocked Fields and suggested that he should quit football and said, “Justin Fields should announce his retirement from football. Move to South Korea permanently and start a business.”

All in all, the fans had a mixture of different reactions after his achievement went viral. They did not hold back with praise or any kind of criticism.

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With the opportunity to relax during the offseason, the QB took advantage and finished his education. It only remains to be seen how well the QB will utilize his time in the regular season.


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