The NFL superstar Russell Wilson has already started creating records even before the start of the season. The Denver Broncos quarterback surpassed the NFL legend Tom Brady on the list of top-selling jerseys in the football league. The ratings came days after Wilson got traded from the Seattle Seahawks to the Denver Broncos.

The nine-time Pro-Bowl champion is never less than the GOAT in terms of abilities and gameplay. He proved his popularity once again by topping the list of top-selling jerseys in the grand football league. Wilson was acquired by the Broncos recently after a long journey with the Seahawks for the past 10 years.


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Russell Wilson surpasses Tom Brady

If not on the field, Wilson made sure that he supersedes Tom Brady, at least in the merchandise section of the NFL. The Wilson’s orange jersey skyrocketed exponentially after his deal with the Broncos got confirmed officially.

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The details about the sales and other statistics are not disclosed yet. However, the outlet that broke the news initially claimed that Wilson is now holding the top spot across all the network sites. Indeed a notable accomplishment from his side considering the sales after Brady’s return to the game. Wilson joined the team on Wednesday and attended the press conference along with the top brass of the franchise.

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For years now, Brady’s jersey was amongst the most sold merchandise in NFL history. However, his retirement news mitigated the sale abruptly and helped other players to enter the market. It happened to soar again after Brady decided to feature for the Buccaneers this season.

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Soon, his jerseys started hitting the market at large numbers but couldn’t rack up to the Wilson’s, leaving him no choice but to hold the second position this time.

Patrick Mahomes winning the sales battle against Brady in 2020


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While Russell Wilson is all in the news for his popularity, Patrick Mahomes was also amongst the ones who achieved this incredible feat. In the 2020 season, Mahomes not only defeated Brady on the field but also slew him in the sales battle. He broke the then Patriots QB Tom Brady’s 18-year record for topping the list of jersey sales in the NFL.

The ratings were considered based on total sales made through online and offline modes. Mahomes was a young QB then, considering the age and popularity of Brady in the NFL world. It was a cherishing moment for him in his entire lifetime.


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Today, a similar opportunity comes by the hands of Wilson after he decided to mark a new beginning in his NFL career. He will be eying for a second Super Bowl title in the upcoming season.

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