“Unofficial Retirement Party!!”: Fans Go Mad as Tom Brady, Gronk, and Playoff Hero Share Picture-Perfect Moments

Published 03/19/2023, 7:26 AM EDT

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had some legends play on their team. Players like Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski left behind a legacy that people will talk about for years to come. However, the duo has put in the work, they’ve climbed the mountain and now, they’ve earned their fun. Individually, they’ve both been enjoying their retirement. Brady has been taking to Instagram to share how much fun he’s been having. The duo took it to the next level with a recent celebration.

Gronk took to Instagram to share an amazing celebration that he shared with Brady and another ex-teammate of his. He shared what looked like a lively celebration that involved some good-old fashion football fun. With such a celebration going viral on Instagram, one question lingers in the fans’ minds: Has Brady ‘retired for good’?

Is Rob Gronkowski having fun with a finally-retired Tom Brady?


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With Tom Brady, retirement never seems certain. Even the last time he announced his retirement, it took him 40 days to come back. Interestingly, his return followed one of the most turbulent years Brady has ever had. He went through a huge FTX scandal, a divorce that ended 13 years of marriage, as well as a disappointing season with Tampa Bay. After such a year, Brady decided to announce his ‘final’ retirement. However, everyone was skeptical of it, and understandably so. Therefore, Gronk’s post came as a fresh welcome for all Brady fans.


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The duo was also joined by a teammate of theirs from their time in Tampa Bay. Recently released by the Bucs,  running back Leonard Fornette also joined the duo in their celebration.

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Fans on Instagram were enamored by Gronk’s post. They took to the comments section to express their true thoughts about Brady, the celebration as well as Gronk.

Fans go berserk with Gronk-Brady celebration


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NFL fans went crazy as the post became viral all over Instagram. One fan questioned if Brady was done, “So is Brady really done? However, one fan truly thought that the celebration was meant for Brady’s retirement and said, “Unofficial retirement party!!” There were also comments from fans who were happy to see the two together: “Gronk looks so happy hanging with his family and Tom.”

However, one fan brought up sore memories about old blunders and said,  “NFTs and crypto…. The scamming never ends.” Finally, some fans really wanted the duo to be back on the field and requested them to come back to the NFL and said, “Come back home guys!”

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All in all, the fans were very happy to see the old teammates celebrate. There were also speculations about the celebration being an actual retirement party for Brady. However, only time will actually reveal if this truly is Brady’s last retirement or if we’ll see him slinging passes once more.


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