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Years of Cutting Edge Questioning Not Enough to Satisfy Pat McAfee as Tom Brady Regret Still Irks Him

Published 05/29/2023, 6:04 AM EDT

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Tom Brady has been one of the best players to ever walk onto an NFL field. He has chalked out a record that is going to be very difficult to break. Interestingly, one of the ways he was able to set such a high record with the Patriots was through the terms of his contract. In the past, Brady has made some sacrifices to accommodate a better team. His activity around his contract is exactly what Pat McAfee wanted to dive deeper into.

America’s Favorite Video Today

On his show, Pat McAfee spoke about the various kind of contracts QBs have been getting now. Admittedly, it has been a tremendous year for some of the most stellar contracts for QBs. While mentioning different QBs in today’s game, he also went on to mention Patrick Mahomes and the Super Bowl champ’s inclination to make a good team. During all of this, the host also mentioned the ill fortune of not ever asking Brady his thoughts on contracts.


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McAfee’s big questioning regret

Pat McAfee is one of the most prolific podcast hosts in terms of football. He has interviewed some of the greatest players in Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and many more. However, he made a confession in one of his latest episodes about how he missed out on questioning Brady about his contracts.
In the latest episode, McAfee was discussing contracts and how hefty QB contracts affect the whole team. The hosts went on to discuss Patrick Mahomes and how the QB has made it clear that he is willing to build a legacy and not just chase the money. Interestingly, while speaking about smaller contracts, the hosts also spoke about Brady and the pay cuts he took as a QB. However, while discussing this McAfee expressed his discontent about not interviewing Brady properly about such an important issue. He even said, “You know, I wanted to follow up immediately we missed, gotta have him on again sometime.”
Interestingly, Brady has had a very considerate history when it comes to making decisions about his contracts. During his Patriots day, Brady ensured a balanced team development through his actions.

Selfless sacrifice by Tom Brady

Throughout his whole career, Brady has been famous for taking pay cuts to ensure the building of a championship team for the Patriots. Even back in the year 2013, Brady was signing deals that would be seen as severally undervalued right now. In 2013, he signed a 3-year extension for a lowly price of $27 million. After this deal signing, his yearly average earnings dropped to $12.3 million. Interestingly, this was Brady’s contract extension after he had led his team to already win 3 Super Bowls. After this 3-year extension, Brady was successful in leading the Patriots to another Super Bowl win in 2015. However, when his contracts are compared to today’s contracts, his compensation does not look anything close to a Super Bowl-winning QB.

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The speculation is that he took pay cuts to accommodate cap space for team building. And by the looks of the number of Lombardi trophies he has, the pay-cut strategy worked. In contrast, players devoid of accolades like Brady have been able to bag huge contracts. However, the NFL is yet to see such hefty contracts (with the exception of Mahomes) translate to the legacy California Cool left behind.


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