USA Today via Reuters

USA Today via Reuters

The NFL Draft saw some amazing sights with young prospective college players gaining their places in the NFL. It showcased a culmination of the athletes’ hard work. Furthermore, the draft also saw a lot of the owners and their families, all excited about the prospect of bringing in new talent to their teams. One owner’s family in particular caught the eyes of the NFL fans. And she is the heiress to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Gracie Hunt went on to make a stunning online appearance in honor of the 2023 NFL Draft. The model and influencer took to Instagram to showcase her beauty. It garnered some amazing reactions from the fans.

The show-stealing heir of the Kansas City Chiefs


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It is no secret that the heiress to the ownership of the $3.7 billion Kansas City Chiefs is not just one of brains but also beauty. Furthermore, Gracie has been involved in the happenings of the team. She recently took to Instagram to showcase her support for the Chiefs during the 2023 Draft.


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Hunt featured her enthusiasm for the Draft with a picture in downtown Kansas City. She even went on to document the different kinds of supporters for different teams including her own.

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The model also went on to garner a lot of love from her fans after her pictures blew up on the social media platform. Interestingly, this is not the first time Gracie’s posts have garnered some love from her admirers on her Instagram post.

Fans finally make their pick in the 2023 Draft

As her pictures in a brilliant yellow dress went viral, Instagram fans went crazy. One fan went on to comment on how great she looked in the dress and said, “Yellow looks great on you.”

Furthermore, one fan wanted Gracie to announce the Chiefs’ pick and said, “Are you Announcing the Chiefs pick? You should be!!”

Furthermore, one fan went on to proclaim appreciation for Gracie: “The sexiest woman at this years NFL Draft.”

There were also some general compliments for the heiress that said, “Looking amazing Gracie!!”


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Lastly, one fan went on to speak about how Gracie resembled someone in her life, “So pretty Gracie you look like your mom did 20 years ago.”

All in all, fans were very enamored with the kind of appearance that the heiress of the Chiefs put up for the NFL draft. They did not hesitate to showcase their emotions for the beauty of the model.

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With a successful appearance for the KC Chiefs, Gracie Hunt was able to make her followers swoon. It only remains to be seen how her appearances influence fans during the later parts of the 2023 season.


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