Brock Purdy Still Splits His Rent? Here’s a Look at the 49ers’ Cheap Starting QB’s Salary, Sponsorships and Lifestyle

Published 10/15/2023, 9:30 AM EDT

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Brock-the ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ turned ‘Mr. Perfect’-Purdy is on a roll. Being the starting QB of one of the toughest teams in the league is no easy task. Yet Purdy is doing his job like a pro. Leading the offense line of the Niners, Purdy has not let the San Francisco 49ers lose a single game. Of course, he has received great support from his teammates, each one giving their best, yet as the saying goes, the most credit goes to the QB.

Also considered one of the best QBs of this season, Brock Purdy was selected as the final pick of the 2022 NFL draft. Currently, he is playing on a  2-year rookie contract worth $3.7 million with the Niners. Even though he is being paid in millions, is that really enough for a player like Purdy? Given the lavish lifestyles athletes are commonly found indulging in, a contract of that worth is almost nothing. As a result, Purdy is not often seen indulging in the luxuries of a high-paid athlete.

Brock Purdy leads a simple lifestyle


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Given the almost low pay scale and the costly city the QB lives in, Purdy lives in a simpler way as compared with other highly paid QBs of the league. San Francisco, as per CNBC, is the third most expensive city to live in. The NBC Today show reporters asked Purdy about how he manages his living with his not-so-ideal salary. Purdy’s reply shocked everyone. “So, I still have a roommate, one of my offensive linemen here,” Purdy admitted. “So, he and I are still splitting rent. I still drive my Toyota Sequoia and, other than that, it’s pretty simple.” 


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The name of the teammate Purdy shares his room with was a question the fans wanted the answer. But simply knowing the fact about a payer like Purdy having to share his rent was what shocked the fans more.

Brock Purdy also mentioned driving a Toyota Sequoia. Well, this might come as a surprise to his fans that the Toyota Dealers Association is the official sponsor of the 49ers QB. The company featured Purdy in their ‘Tackle Anything’ ad campaign this year. Moreover, Purdy has struck a deal with Alaska Airlines as well, becoming the company’s new face. With this deal, any fans from the Bay area, wearing a Purdy jersey, who choose the airline will be given special priority boarding. The popularity that Brock Purdy has earned is reflected clearly by his sponsorship deals. However, is San Francisco valuing one of their best players the way they should?


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Do the 49ers pay Purdy enough?

Former 49er Jimmy Gorpallo became one of the highest-paid signal-callers in the NFL, thanks to the 49ers, in the recent past. The then-starting QB received a $137.5 million 5-year contract, despite just starting just 5 games in the season for the Niners. On the other hand, Purdy has started 13 games for the Niners. Additionally, the signal caller stands undefeated in each of those 13 games, having played at least three quarters in them. Niners might as well take a bow for their QB, who is taking the team to the top of the league, making it one of the few two teams surviving undefeated.

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However, the real question here is his income. Does Brock ‘the-perfect’ Purdy get paid as per his performance? In simple words, no. The QB is signed with the Niners for a four-year contract, one that gives him around $870,000 this year. While the number might be a big deal for many, for an athlete it’s ridiculously low. Furthermore, Purdy is a player of an exceptional caliber, thus the amount does not do him justice. However, Purdy has made peace with it, as the QB already knows, given his record and efforts for the 49ers, good paydays are just around the corner.

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