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14 Years After Making History With Her NFL Investment, Tennis Great Serena Williams’ Team Has Seen a Stark $3.6 Billion Increase

Published 05/29/2023, 1:51 PM EDT

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Over the last 10-20 years, the NFL has turned into an incredibly profitable league for both the owners and players. And given the immense popularity and profit, the pro football league not only attracts business tycoons but also sports personalities, as far as ownership is considered. And, former tennis phenom Serena Williams is one such sports personality who co-owns an NFL team.

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Notably, along with her sister Venus, Serena has gone on to invest a huge chunk to purchase a minority stake in the Miami Dolphins. Interestingly, if recent reports are true, their stake’s valuation has exploded and gone up by a huge amount.

Genius move by Venus and Serena Williams?


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While athletes earn a lot of money through their sporting careers, their time playing is limited. Therefore, it is financially brilliant for high-earning athletes to make some smart investments. And what better investment than a team in a pro league? In recent times, we witnessed Tom Brady himself venture into investment by acquiring stakes in the Raiders. Applying this logic, the William sisters have gone on to buy a hefty stake in the NFL team, Miami Dolphins. With the NFL slowly transitioning into one of the highest-valued leagues in the world, the Williams sisters are the first African-American minority stake owners in NFL history.

Additionally, the actual valuation of their stakes has gone up by a huge margin. While their stake’s valuation was worth $1 billion in 2009, it has increased by a whopping $3 billion since then. The actual valuation in 2023 for their stakes in the Miami Dolphins is now $4.6 billion.


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As the tweet about the sisters’ brilliant investment went viral, fans were totally enamored. They took to Twitter to showcase their pride and excitement for the investment the sisters have made.

Fans applaud the Williams sisters’ investment

After the shockingly high investment of the Williams sisters went viral, fans took to Twitter to voice out their thoughts on the ownership stake. One fan went on to speak about how they loved to see the two tennis players soar high, “Love to see Serena and Williams soar (after Will Smith kinda scathed their movie win).”

Fans also spoke about how the older jerseys looked so much better.

Furthermore, there were comments about how the price of their stakes is going to go up in a bit, “Wait til they win the SB this year. The price going WAY UP”.


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Some fans just showed the tennis legend love for her investment, “I love that serena number and care for”.

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All in all, fans were impressed with Williams’ huge investment in the Dolphins. They were happy to see the sisters make such a lucrative investment in the NFL.


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The sisters have seen a huge return on their investment in a short period of time. Only time will tell if the Dolphins’ performance in the league this year will help the valuation of their investment.

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